Painesville Township residents want The Illuminating Company for electric service

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Many Painesville Township residents have been shocked after recently opening up their electric bills from the City of Painesville.  These bills have gone up drastically, in many cases hundreds of dollars!  Many of the affected residents are retirees on a fixed income, and young people with new families to support.

The City of Painesville has quietly decided to take action after many complaints about their rates and billing practices were documented by the news media back in 2015-2016.


Looks like we might be paying for this and other things there:


The city decided to hire a consulting firm to “re-evaluate” their rate and billing structure, the results of which have been clearly seen and noticed by the residents who are forced to use the cities electric service.   Many of us have seen SIGNIFICANT increases in our overall bill. 

On a simple bill total/kwh divide residents are being charged 15-16.5 cents per KWH!  In comparison a typical overall total bill from The Illuminating Company would be around 9-10 cents per KWH.  The rates from The Illuminating Company are their “regular” rates.  If a person was to shop around for a discount supplier they can go as low as 7-8 cents per KWH!

From the city's website The City of Painesville always charged Painesville Township residents a bit more for electricity, however these new rates are OUTRAGEOUS!  We are confused on how they think charging 1.5-2x the rate The Illuminating Company charges is acceptable?  It also appears that all they are doing is keeping their electric plant “online” so they can continue to call themselves a local utility while simply just reselling us power they purchase from The Illuminating Company and other suppliers at a higher rate!


Let’s do a bit of simple math, being easy on The City of Painesville and harder on The Illuminating Company:

Joe Average customer @ 1500 kwh summer usage.

·         City of Painesville - 1500 x .155 kwh = $232.50

·         The Illuminating Company - 1500 x .10 kwh  = $150

Difference of $82.50 per month!  Plus this is using a typically lower rate for the City of Painesville and a higher rate from The Illuminating company.

Now let’s do the same thing with what is more typical for the City of Painesville and a good Ohio Energy Choice shopped rate with The Illuminating Company:

Joe Average customer @ 1500 kwh summer usage.

·         City of Painesville - 1500 x .165 kwh = $247.50

·         The Illuminating Company - 1500 x .075 kwh  = $112.50

Difference of $135 per month!!!

Now… this is just the money that the City of Painesville is pocketing from Joe Average each month.  Take that and multiply it out by each and every one of us….  Geeze….

This needs to STOP NOW!

Please sign our petition which will be presented to the Painesville Township Trustees.  We will be asking that Painesville Township residents are switched over to The Illuminating Company for electric services.  A side benefit is that we will be able to exercise our right to use the Ohio Energy Choice program, something that we are not able to do being captive City of Painesville electric customers.

They need to hear from us... We will not take the City of Painesville digging into our pocket books anymore!



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