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Lars is Dead! Help His Suffering Family Get Out Of Aalborg Zoo!

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 Lars was a healthy Polar Bear when he arrived at Aalborg Zoo, Denmark in 2015. Many people were fond of him & saw him playing at Berlin Zoo where his environment was enriched.

He fathered Nuka & Qilaq with Malik but visitors noticed that he was morose, zoochotic (having a repetitive behaviour pattern with no obvious goal or function) & was clearly in trouble in the dirty cramped enclosure without enrichment or stimulation. A petition asking for an independent vet to examine him were ignored.

He had dental checks under anaesthetic & his liver failed probably due to the affects of the anaesthetic having been repeatedly anaesthetized for moves to and from 4 zoos in his short life.

He was euthanized on September 18th. Lars was the third Polar Bear to die at Aalborg Zoo since 2013; Vilma 2 weeks after arriving & Augo, Malik's first cub.


We urge the Danish Veterinary & Food Administration to urgently inspect the living conditions, diet & provision of enrichment to Malik & her cubs, and demand improvements to prevent them suffering the same fate as Vilma, Augo & Lars.


We urge the Directors of Berlin, Wuppertal & Rostock Zoos to consider how much Lars deteriorated at Aalborg Zoo.

We ask the Mayor of Aalborg, Thomas Kastrup-Larsen to prevent Aalborg Zoo is becoming infamous as a Polar Bear graveyard.

We ask the Executive Director Myfanwy Griffiths to tell Eaza Zoos members to provide living conditions, diet & enrichment to prevent the increasing amount of suffering and death of Polar Bears in European Zoos and to reconsider the ethics & morality of keeping Polar Bears, Arctic marine animals in captivity.

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