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Navi and Link: Stolen. Help Bring them home!

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June 29th:I woke up to a message from my friend Meghan Easton saying she thought she had found my cats in Sudbury. My former girlfriend who didn't let me take them in the breakup had surrendered them, with no attempt to message me saying she didn't want them.

Immediately, I found out where they were and sent Jill a message on Facebook, I wrote a post on Pet Save Sudbury's page, and called them to tell them I was on my way to pick them up, leaving that message with a receptionist. Naturally, I assumed that a rescue shelter would have no problem returning the cats to their owner, so right away Arron Belay and Daniele Aquino drove me to Sudbury.

Upon arrival to PetSmart, one of the volunteers allowed me to call Jill and see if I could adopt the cats. She said that it was sudden, so I'd have to wait 3 hours to go through her extensive interview process. We waited 3 hours, then we finally met with her. She didn't care that we drove 3 hours to get them, that she would take down Arron's number and call me tomorrow as she had a dinner to attend in Muskoka. I offered to pay the $200 asking price and she said no. She said the price was to pay for deworming, spaying/neutering, de-fleaing. I informed her that they came from a clean home, and were up to date on their shots, and were fixed years ago upon original adoption. Link was adopted April 3rd, 2013 from Small Things CATS in Sudbury and Navi was adopted March 28th, 2014 from Furry Friends in Barrie. (I got Link a girlfriend for his birthday!) Disappointed we didn't get the cats, we drove back to Barrie and didn't arrive until past midnight.

June 30th: I patiently waited for Jill's promised call, but she never got a hold of me. I accepted it and decided I'd give her another day so she wouldn't be annoyed with me.

July 1st: After waiting over a day, I messaged Jill on her page. She said it was Canada Day and that she wouldn't be making calls until the following day.

July 2nd: As I was waiting for Jill's call, I got in contact with Furry Friends to locate Navi's original adoption papers. Ron from there heard my situation and gladly dropped off the papers to me at my doorstep.

A friend then sent me a message showing me a Kijiji ad for Link and Navi. Naturally, because Jill promised me multiple times that she would call me and that they wouldn't be adopted out, I sent her a message threatening her with police. I will admit, I lost my cool and I regret it. That was out of character for me.

Many of my concerned friends and family had bombarded her with messages asking if they could adopt the cats for me. Some even pretended to have no connection to me. After reaching out to Furry Friends, Marie Aldred and others of the Furry Friends community jumped in to help, also calling Jill with efforts to adopt the cats.

I personally reached out to her with an apology for my own anger. Jill responded to all of this with hostility and anger towards everyone who responded.

July 3rd: Marie Aldred and Penny Dawn Giles from Furry Friends drove up to Sudbury to try and retrieve my cats for me, as it stated in Navi's adoption agreement that if the owner was not able to keep the cat, Furry Friends would rehome her. They contacted Sudbury police, who advised them to go to the shelter and speak with Jill themselves. I have included pictures from Marie's recounting of these events. Unsuccessful, they told Jill we would fight this legally since she refused to abide by Furry Friends contract, even after they offered to pay the $200 asking price.

July 4th: Jill posted her perspective on the situation on Pet Save Sudbury, where hundreds of people had something to say about it. It was slightly skewed. She was told by the person who surrendered Link and Navi that I was homeless and had no job. I promptly posted a public apology, and asked for a chance to discredit what she's been told about me. I was ready to show my rental agreement and proof of employment. A volunteer named Adele Gomirato verbally attacked me, and anyone who stood up for me. After having some of Pet Save's supporters read my detailed apology, I had some supporters on my side in her group. I then assume Jill, or an admin of the page deleted my apology, the comments of my supporters, and the verbal attacks of the volunteers, then eventually deleted the whole post and blocked me and anyone associated with me.

I am posting this so the public knows the truth. Anybody would react in this manner for their pets, their family. I have had nothing but respect for Pet Save in the past, but this is a huge disappointment. All I'm asking for is that they do the right thing and let me bring my babies home. I never had any intent on being malicious. But since the moment I stepped into PetSmart, not a single person at Pet Save has taken me seriously. I have tried reasoning, I have tried apologizing and letting bygones be bygones. Every nice attempt, everybody defending me has been silenced. This isn't right. I'm asking you guys to please share this, to raise awareness. I can't accept that I'll never see my cats again. If Jill truly cares about saving animals, please do the right thing. And then we can get back to doing what we do best, saving animals. No sense in denying these two their forever home when so many cats already need to be adopted. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I'd just like to thank every soul out there who has supported me. Without your voices, I'm sure mine wouldn't be heard as much.

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