Move Furpocalypse to a different location in New England

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Furpocalypse, a Halloween-themed furry convention, is currently held at the Red Lion Hotel in Cromwell, Connecticut. For several years, attendees have asked Furpocalypse convention staff to change venues.

The reason: The Red Lion Hotel is unsafe, not to mention dirty, in a poor location,  and falling apart. Attendees have experienced mushrooms growing from the carpet, mold and mildew on the walls and ceilings, ceiling tiles falling on people and into the pool, high humidity in hotel rooms, doors not working, damaged furniture, and more. Attendees who suffer from asthma and allergies have complained of wheezing, hives, and other allergic reactions simply from being inside the building. 

There is no reason to stay at this location, but for some reason, Furpocalypse staff insists. This petition is meant to show con staff how many people really want a change in location. Tweets, emails, and feedback to the hotel don't seem to have worked. Attendees are tired of broken promises from convention staff and the hotel to make things better next year. It's not happening, it hasn't happened since people started complaining over four years ago.