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Change FUPO Parking Regulations

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FUPO's information concerning parking and parking allocations is unaccessible, unappeasable and frankly too confusing. Outdated stipulations and an unreliable appeals board isn't helpful in engaging FUPO and the student body in a productive manner. There are too many issues surrounding parking violations and the amount of money being paid for each transgression. Specifically, once paid, where does the fine go? (Towards FUPO officers? To the school?) Why do ticket violations increase substantially, and is there any proof that this steep increase in fines discourages future "bad" parking behavior? Parking lot allocations are not proportional to the student body, and the number of free spaces given as visitor spots and staff starkly underlines the issue of paying for a parking sticker as a student. This petition has been created to open up a dialogue between SGA, FUPO, and the student body. In hopes of attracting attention to the problem that is so often mentioned angrily but rarely acted upon, I would like this petition to shed light about FUPO's perplexing parking guidelines, which can hopefully be straightened out and re-examined.

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