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Petitioning FUNimation Press and 2 others

Make an English dub version of the Dragonball Z: Battle of the Gods movie.


We grew up with English voice actors as some of our favorite characters, we enjoy the English voice acting as apposed to the Japanese voice acting, and it can net FUNimation more profit by producing said English dubbed version.

Letter to
FUNimation Press
Toei Animation
Hello, we represent the Hipster Vegeta fanpage on Facebook as well as fans who wish to see the new Dragonball Z movie made into an English dub. This group is to share our knowledge of Dragon Ball Z, and express how much we actually love the show, ontop of having fun and joking around with the content involved. DBZ has taught us, as well as many others many life lessons. Some of us grew up watching only the Japanese version, but many of us grew up listening to the English FUNimation Dub. It is rumored that the FUNi cast has not been contacted, and is not interested in dubbing this long awaited movie, Battle of Gods. It is also a rumor that it is because of financial reasons. This petition is for the producers of FUNimation. We the fans want the BEST, and ONLY the best. We believe FUNimation can give us just that, if in fact there is an English Dub. You can reach us at HipsterVegeta@gmail. Consider our request; I'm sure we won’t be disappointed.