Bring back FunATuns old Sedgewick bot to the KAG Server

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As you know, the official KAG discord uses a bot called Sedgewick. It doesn't do much: it welcomes people, tells how many players there are, gives you roles.

A few months ago, the bot was different - it was developed by me, FunATuns before being changed to Fuzzle's version. It was much more fun: it had a fighting feature, which used RNG, and also a !top10 command, which showed the most active users.

If my bot were to be brought back, I'd definitely add the player and welcoming feature, also the role commands; but I would as well add more fun stuff (I'm thinking about the bot being able to check what are the most-used emojis. I also thought about making a chatbot that learns by people talking to it, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea. Before making such stuff, I will of course consult the Discord Administrating Team and get to know their thoughts)