Allow Gmail users to go back to the classic look

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Gmail has been a useful resource for sending and receiving information for many years. It easily integrates with other Google services like Google Drive that allows you to import pictures, documents etc.

A couple of months ago, Google rolled out their new look for Gmail. But this one was optional. You could easily switch back to old Gmail. Before this update, it was fast, simple and efficient to use. You weren't slowed down by anything apart from a bad internet connection which could be solved by using the bare bones HTML version.

Yesterday, this new update removed the option to go back to old Gmail. This new Gmail is modern (not in a good way), not simple and hard to navigate. To add salt upon wounds, it is also slowed down by many animations and stupid gimmicky features that, to be frank, no one was begging for.

Google, you have been screwing over your customers for years now but this time, you have pushed it too far. The only thing this new update will cause is a massive decrease in users. I use Gmail because I don't want an overcomplicated mess, like Outlook. I want a clean, simple and easy to use method to send and receive emails, not a fancy modern UI that doesn't add anything to usability.

I'm not saying there aren't people who like this new updated look, I've seen plenty. But the vast majority of users I have seen are complaining about this new update and are willing to stop using the service and use a different provider, me included. The easiest way to solve this would be to just allow us to use old Gmail, no gimmicks, no fancy features, just the ability to send and receive emails. Is that too much to ask for?