Why to drink poison, eat pesticides and heavy metals, when we have right to be safe?

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Are you buying "SAFE MILK" or consuming safe "VEGETABLES and FRUITS" or  are confident enough whatever you eat or drink is safe?  

With Rs 50/55 we can brought CANCER, KIDNEY FAILURE, LIVER CIRRHOSIS, throat (First indicator of extreme adulteration) problems in kids and infants,in extreme cases even death.

                           Isn't this violates "RIGHT TO LIFE"?

Milk adulteration not only includes WATER, but also 'UREA, DETERGENT, SOAP (to decrease acidity and increase fat content), PAINT, VEGETABLE OIL (Have you seen droplets of oil floating in milk-BEWARE ITS NOT MILK FAT), have you seen "red colour in CURD", or "HARDNED KHOYA", is the "milk smells bad".

What we can do? We are aware of the problem?

               "Adulteration can be Checked as well as Regulated"


1) The milk vendors are "NOT REGISTERED". All milk vendors needs to be registered.

2) Consumers have no access to "ADULTERATION CHECK UNITS".

There must be small "FOOD AND MILK ADULTERATION UNITS" just like ATMs (QUALITY CHECK ATMs) all over the country..

3) Each Block Must have a self help group "At least as an immediate effect". To keep a track on suspected adulteration. "I request everyone to please don't beat anyone indulged in adulteration or create a havoc, simply identify him and bar the entry of that milk vendor or brand".

4) Purchase a "Milk adulteration testing kit" in groups and "Stay Safe".

It would enhance the "QUALITY OF LIVING" at least to a little extent and we would be giving us a safe, healthy life.


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