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Avoid the preservatives E211 & E212 in vitamin C rich foods to avoid cancer.

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The use of preservatives sodium benzoate (E211) and potassium benzoate (E212) in food products containing vitamin c causes the formation of highly dangerous carcinogen benzene, when injected daily could trigger the formation of cancer or aids the growth of malignant tumor cells. While these preservatives that inhibit the growth of bacteria in food products is considered safe upto 800mg per kg of body weight, the formation of benzene when used with food containing vitamin c is something that fssai is unaware of. 

Recently Patanjali's gooseberry juice was declared unfit for human consumption. In media the reason they mentioned was the presence of sodium benzoate. But the actual reason was the presence of benzene which happened due to the interaction of vitamin c and sodium benzoate. 

A study was conducted in 2007 in the UK by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). It became known as “the Southampton Study”. Following the study the FSA decided to call a voluntary ban on sodium benzoate. The European parliament suggested that all food products in the European Union that contain any of the offending additives should carry a warning label on the packaging of the harmful side effects that may occur if consumed. Also they banned the use of E211 and E212 in food products and energy drinks that contains ascorbic acid or citric acid. 

I happened to buy a green lime pickle of double horse brand and the when checked the preservative used was E211. Pickle is something that we consume regularly and regular consumption of benzene is highly dangerous.

I want you to take time and sign this petition so that the FSSAI bans the use of E211 and E212 on all vitamin c rich products like pickles, dried foods, juices and other processed foods that contain mango, lemon, Orange, pineapple, green bell pepper, red chilly pepper, pappaya, guava, kale, broccoli and other vitamin c rich foods. 

There are various factors that accounts for the alarming rise of cancer in india. Let's find and stop as much as we can. Let this one such step towards cancer prevention. 

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