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Bring the Golden Dual Swords to Dark Souls 3!

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Arguably one of the more iconic NPCS in the souls series, Ciaran was the fourth and final of gwyn's knights seen during the Artorias of the Abyss dlc from Dark Souls 1. With her appearance came the inclusion of two unique weapons, the gold and silver tracers. They were both made to work well and compliment each other, the silver tracer a dagger with insane crit and toxic affliction, while the gold tracer was a swift curved sword that dealt bleed damage very quickly. These two extremely fun and powerful weapons were often used to cosplay Ciaran, and it's due to these weapons that the paired weapon playstyle became prevalent.

In Dark Souls 2, despite the advancements made towards dual wielding weapons with the inclusion of full left handed movesets and powerstancing, the gold and silver tracers did not make a appearance. After the scholar of the first sin, players hoping for gold and silver tracers were left without much of a hope to cling on to. Until the announcement of Dark Souls 3, a beautiful mix of the fast paced action of bloodborne and the playstyle of Dark Souls 1. Filled to the brim with all sorts of call backs to the original game. And most importantly, a new paired weapon mechanic that called back to the gold and silver tracer all to well. Thus came the hope for the two tracers once more.

After the release of Dark Souls 3, it was quickly found out that despite the inclusion of Ciaran's ring, the hornet ring, there was no dual tracers within the game at any location. Despite many losing hope, others looked into the game files, and discovered what we now know of today as the Golden Dual Swords. Hidden inside the game files, with a fully fledged moveset and model was a paired weapon with the same model and effects as the original gold and silver tracers. With this discovery of their name and move set, hopes rose once more for their inclusion in the DLC coming soon to the game, Ashes of Ariendel. Once again however, hopes were dashed as there was no sign of the tracers being included.

Then came the release of The Ringed City, a area clearly calling back to the times of old from both Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2, alongside the announcement of several new and exciting weapons, was rumors of the Golden Dual Swords being included somewhere hidden within the DLC. Rumors spread quickly, as some gave hints towards the new paired ultra-greatswords, leading up to building hype and confidence that the game would finally have the original paired weapons in their most amazing form yet. After some time however, those who checked the files of the game continually reaffirmed that despite changes to the Golden Dual Swords item ids, they were not finished content, and therefore could neither be picked up, or even used, let alone released in the DLC.

Shortly after the release of the embargo on The Ringed City, the pre release Reviewers and early release players confirmed that the paired tracers were not in fact, included in the last DLC for the last souls game, Dark Souls 3. With that long, bumpy ride of a story out of the way, I beg you to sign this petition to have the Golden Dual Swords come back, we know the model and moveset is already finished, all we need now is some weapon data for the blades to be attached to and we can finally have the origional, most beautiful paired weapons in dark souls 3!

Please: FromSoftware, Bandai Namco, Hidetaka Miyazaki-san -- consider completing the Golden Dual Blades lying unused in the game files. It would mean so much to me, and every other paired weapon user to see the tracers that inspired their playstyle make a comeback in the final game in the series. And it would mean even more to those Ciaran enthusiasts out there, begging for a chance to dance with the gold and silver streaks of old.

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