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Bloodborne needs a Balance Patch

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Bloodborne (released in 2015) is easily one of the greatest games FromSoftware has ever created. Not only does the game have fast, gritty, addictive combat, but the Gothic Horror Renaissance theme is extremely immersive. There are, however, a laundry list of problems in the game that have gone ignored since Patch 1.09. The parry system, unlike any other FromSoftware game, is almost constantly abused because of the damage, stagger, and spammability of guns. Summoned players and invaders take an HP reduction of 30%, which also reduces their healing ability, and gives hosts a 43% hp and healing advantage in any adversarial encounter where healing is involved. Without even one Clawmarks rune, a skill build can potentially kill a full HP co-operator/invader/hostile summon with a single visceral attack, making fights unnecessarily short and ultimately reducing build and weapon variety. And with the introduction of save editors, players are modifying their character stats or gems to cheat in multiplayer, making the game less and less hospitable for both veteran and new players alike. What we propose is a patch that addresses the main issues we have identified in the game in order to increase its longevity and address the growing problem of cheaters in online multiplayer.

Changes Desired:

1) Save Editors and Modding in Online Multiplayer

- Implement a network filter that prevents any edited or modified save files from being used to cheat in online multiplayer. These include save files containing modified and/or unobtainable gems, runes, weapons, armors, gem or rune slots, number of consumables in character inventory, or character stats, as applicable.

2) Guns

- Implement an automatic reload animation after each shot for single-shot firearms, which include the Hunter’s Pistol, Blunderbuss, Evelyn, Piercing Rifle, Ludwig’s Rifle, Repeater Pistol, Reiterpallasch, and Rifle Spear. This animation should be similar to the one Gascoigne uses after he fires his gun or the animation of applying Bone Marrow Ash to a gun.

- Reduce the stagger of gunshots so that they do not interrupt player attacks or spells except on successful parries and headshots, as applicable.

- Reduce the damage increase from Bone Marrow Ash by 50% and decrease its duration to 10 seconds.

- To compensate for the reload animation, active parry animations should be made slightly longer. The window in which a heal parry can occur should also be marginally increased.

- Limit the duration of fire for Gatling Gun, Flamesprayer, and Rosemarinus to 5 bullets in total, after which a reload animation automatically occurs. Switching firearms should not circumnavigate this effect.

3) Visceral Damage

- Remove visceral damage scaling from the Skill stat.

- Remove visceral damage multipliers from gems and Beasthood.

- Increase visceral damage scaling from level. For reference, viscerals in level 100-150 PvP range should be around 700 damage.

4) HP reduction of invaders and co-operators

- Remove the max HP reduction applied to co-operators and invaders so that they have relatively equal HP. The penalty of being a summon above the normal summon range should still apply.

5) Gems

- Fix the gem effect Striking (Charged ATK’s up) so that it increases ALL damage types, not just physical damage.

- Replace the ATK down gem curse with a practical curse such as Rally Potential down. This provides a valid curse while not completely ruining a gem.

- Reduce the drop rate of Tempering gems from the Merciless Watchers from 70% to 50% and increase the drop rates of Fire, Bolt, and Arcane gems.

- Remove Heavy and Sharp gems from the Merciless Watchers drop table and increase the drop rates of Adept Blunt and Adept Thrust gems.

6) Arcane

- Reduce the bullet cost of the Tiny Tonitrus to 4 and increase its forward rate of travel.

- Increase the arcane scaling of the Beast Cutter, Church Pick, and Kirkhammer.

- Reduce the tracking and stagger of Executioner’s Gloves.

7) Guidance Rune

- Make the third-tier Guidance Rune (30%) available for purchase from the Bath Messengers in the Chalice Dungeons. This rune is stated to be found in the Chalice Dungeons by the Official Guide, but was not added to the loot table.

8) Weapons

- Reduce the Base Attack Rating of the Rakuyo from 164 to 154.

- Reduce the Base Attack Rating of the Saw Spear from 170 to 160.

- Reduce the Base Attack Rating of the Saw Cleaver from 180 to 170.

- Reduce the Base Attack Rating of the Beasthunter Saif from 180 to 170.

- Reduce the damage of the two-handed quickstep R1 attacks of the Bloodletter, Whirlgig Saw, Blade of Mercy, and Kos Parasite.

- Reduce the range of the two-handed L2 attack of the Kos Parasite.

- Reduce the damage of the two-handed L2 attack of the Bloodletter.

- Reduce the damage of the one-handed R2 attack of the Holy Moonlight Sword.

- Increase the Strength scaling of the Beast Cutter.

- Increase the Base Physical Attack Rating of Amygdalan Arm from 160 to 170.

- Increase the Base Attack Rating of the Kirkhammer from 210 to 220  and increase its maximum rally potential from 120 to 140.

- Reduce the number of hits in the Logarius Wheel quickstep-R1 attack from 3 to 2.

9) Restocking after invasions or co-op

- Blood Vials and Quicksilver bullets should be restocked from storage after an invasion or co-op session . This would reduce the need to go to the Hunter’s Dream to replenish supplies.

Not all of these changes may appeal to your individual taste, but they will breathe new life into the game by increasing build and weapon variety, and place greater emphasis on skillful play rather than build type. And even if FromSoftware doesn't patch the game, we may at least get their attention so they give pvp players more consideration in future games. We sincerely hope that something is done about the save editors because no one likes getting invaded by players who take no damage and kill you in a single hit with a gunshot, arrow, Flamesprayer, etc.

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