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Having Demon's Souls Remastered Made and Released All Around the World

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It's time we finally reached out and showed these companies how many people truly want a remastering of Demon's Souls. 

If you're looking at this petition, odds are you've played the game and enjoyed it and would love to see a remastering. Here's what I imagine the remastering should include: 

-updated graphics 


-the 6th arch stone (whether through dlc or in the game from the beginning) 

-the same levels (other than the new arch stone),same weapons, bosses etc

-online servers with possibly an updated way to connect to people (the same as dark souls 2 or 3 maybe). 

That being said, I'm sure everyone would be happy with a remaster with either some of these things stated above, or even just the original game while maintaining online co-op. 

The point of this petition is to show any company who has any ownership of this title to see the demand for this game in hopes that they remake it. 

So let's come together as a community. Whether you played the game once and enjoyed it, or can't stop playing the game even now, years after it's initial release, sign this petition if you would love to see an updated version of Demon's Souls on the new Gen console.

Thanks for your time everyone, I hope this inspires the companies to make this game! 

If you want to join the discussion there is a post on the subreddit for demons Souls. There you can make suggestions to this petition or just talk about the game or a possible remastering. I'll share the link below.

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