Drought Proof Now!

Drought Proof Now!

3 January 2020
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Why this petition matters

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What’s next after CoroVID 19 for Australians?

What is being offered to re-GEN-erate the economy?

A Plan for a Sustainable Future creating wealth for all Australians?

1948 Wheels were put in Motion to regenerate post war Australia awakening Australia’s true potential.

The Plan- The Bradfield Scheme - as it became known, was recognised by the engineers of the day as achievable and cost effective solution to problems that blight the lives of thousands of Australians. Repeated crisis imposed on our lives taking many years to recover from, only to have these crisis repeat in one form or another. The compound loss to lives and the nation incalculable.

The Plan was able to be implemented quickly, taking only a few years to effect real benefit for the people and affordable by the much smaller population of the day. The Plan offered the nation; water security and with added dams flood control, ability to mitigate fire and sustain a strong economy. That was 1948.

The UN's - Sustainable Development Goals list Water Security as urgent goal for all nations. the basis for dispersing sustainable wealth and environmental vitality throughout the nation. 

With one simple fix we address damages currently impacting on the Australian community eg; Unemployment, Poverty, Mental Health, Homelessness, Domestic Violence, Crime and Environmental problems such as carbon emissions and footprint that Government sources repeatedly declare as being on "unprecedented risk level" expressed as in plague and crisis proportions.

If Drought Proofing is not actioned Australia is looking at an increasing depleted natural environment, further impoverishing the nation, imposing high cost of living, with water restrictions being the norm, reducing our choices. The only other solution being offered is - closed loop system solution providing drinking water from excrement waste.

Sign the petition to be part of making history. Build a good future for all Australians.

See examples of such Schemes listed belowF or more information extensive research has been done by various experts, see links

For more information extensive research has been done by various experts, see links

Is Drought Proofing Australian a Possible Dream?

Drought Proofing WA in the 1800s

Desalination is a secure water source that does not depend on rain, makes up 48% of Perth's water supply.

China's Desalination plants can reuse the heat from industry producing 10,000 megalitres of water per day.

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Signatures: 396Next goal: 500
Support now