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Remove Tartrazine from Doritos Chips

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Tartrazine, also called Yellow 5 is an artificial food dye that is derived from petroleum and coal tar. It’s linked to a number of disorders, including cancers such as thyroid cancer.

Some of the other effects are anxiety, migraines, and asthma attacks. After consuming this chemical, your body will lose zinc quickly through urine and saliva. Zinc is important to the immune system, especially in children. In a study of 122 people, they were each given 50 mg of tartrazine and all experienced a variety of allergy symptoms. The worst part is Frito-Lay has been aware of these horrible effects, but won’t make the effort to do anything about it. They use it in their Doritos chips to give them a bright orange color, whereas other companies like Kraft have switched to natural alternatives. Use of Tartrazine in food products has affected 0.1 percent of the population with allergies to it, and in multiple studies, removing the dye caused 60 percent improvement in children with ADHD symptoms. Replacing Yellow 5 with dyes extracted from turmeric spice, beta-carotene, or annatto  is a simple solution. It will satisfy the public’s health concerns and still provide the same looks and taste in the product.


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