Who is Joe D. Martin, Jr. ? He is an Innocent Man Stolen from His 3 Young Children in 1996

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In 1996, at the age of 28, Joe D. Martin, Jr., an innocent man, was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life plus 30 years, in prison, for a murder and two attempted murders he did not commit. In Tennessee, life is 60 years. So he has a total sentence of 90 years. Joe's current "release eligibility date" is  November 19, 2058.

He did not receive a fair trial. His conviction rested on the use of perjured testimony, prosecutorial misconduct and closed-door deals made with State’s witnesses, as well as, intimidation of defense witnesses prior to trial. Joe had no connection to anyone involved in this case- he is innocent! 

The states theory was that the shooting at the market was the result of an ongoing “drug war” between his co-defendants and some unknown drug suppliers from California. The prosecutor told the jury that Joe was “a henchman for the Mafia Smith Family”, this was supposed to be his connection to the Smiths and reason for committing these crimes. However, Shaun Smith testified at trial that he had never met Joe. Dallas Smith and Vera (Virie) Ashby both testified at Joe’s post-conviction hearing that they did not know Joe and that he had never been to their home. Kevin Robinson and Tim Miller, victims, testified that they had never met Joe, nor had they seen him around the neighborhood. Joe had no connection or motive to commit these crimes.

Joe is innocent! Joe has spent 24+ years in prison because criminal trials are not about finding the truth, they are about conviction, and the appeals process is designed to preserve conviction. Twenty-four years with his family have been stolen from him- it's beyond time to bring Joe home! 

Please sign our petition to urge the Davidson County District Attorney’s Office to reopen Joe's case and give him a fair trial. We also urge the Governor to exonerate Joe.

Thank you for signing and supporting Joe! 

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