Help Paul Gascoigne enter hall of fame

Help Paul Gascoigne enter hall of fame

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Started by Steven Yates

This evening, the SFA have withdrawn Paul Gascoigne from being entered into the Scottish hall of fame for his contribution to Scottish football. 

The reason behind this, is there are a few board members that boycotted this due to Paul’s current state of health. This, being on the week where through sport, we are trying to end the stigma of mental health, and show everyone that we are united in beating this illness and that there is help available to those who need it. The SFA have just taken a man who has almost lost his life from mental health issues from receiving an award that he most certainly deserves. 

If the SFA are happy to remove people from receiving awards through mental health issues then it leaves no space for them to end the stigma that’s horribly attached. Anyone with mental health problems will fail to be recognised by the SFA, until they deem them to be in a better place to receive it. This tonight, I personally think, is disgusting. 

Paul Gascoigne was an absolutely phenomenal footballer. The world watched with baited breath everytime he got the ball as we knew magic was on the horizons. The SFA should have been counting their lucky stars to have such a player within their leagues. 

He needs recognition. The SFA have taken him off due to mental health. Do you think that’s fair? I certainly don’t.

Let’s help Gazza receive what’s truly his.






23,723 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!