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F13th: The Game: Make Tom Savini Jason DLC Available.

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The Kickstarter Project for Friday the 13th was Featured that if you backed the Kickstarter Project that you would Receive a Tom Savini Jason Skin and DLC Code. Now the Issue is that yes Backers Deserve thier Savini Jason with full Bragging Rights and Respect, However due to Glitches, Host Issues, Lagging Gameplay, Ect we were Rewarded with 13,000 CP and Extra XP Weekend and a ReTro JaSoN skin which was Simply Recolored. Here's the issue, By Technicality when we bought the game on PS4 or X-Box, Steam ect.  The Savini Skin was Accidentally released and available for Download to those Fast enough to Buy it. However here's the Issue, Those who did not buy it GUN Media says they will never Release it to the Public Again. Now take note Savin's Jason is no OP (Overpowered) it has it's pros and cons. However I and Many more would love to Obtain a Savini Jason, People on eBay are selling the Codes for up to $2000 Which is Unfair to the Company and Fans, I feel that it's a Shame that The Savini Jason will no Longer be Available to the Fans. And That it is also Unfair that those who where unaware of The Kickstarter Project should be at Loss never to know the Satisfaction of Having the Complete Jason Collection in thier Jason Profiles in the Game

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