Pledge to never bet on cruelty

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Australia’s spring racing carnival is internationally renowned and horse racing is believed by many to be a ‘glamorous sport’. The nation stops to watch these majestic horses race across a line in hope of first place. What so many people are not aware of is the inhumane breeding and handling that occurs to these horses.

Horse racing is purely a profit driven industry where the horse’s best interests are not put first. Horses are simply seen as an investment in a throw-away culture. The small portion of horses that do make it to professional racing are subjected to inhumane use of whips, gruelling training regimes and often pushed so hard they develop sever injuries that become fatal.

Here at Freedom Hill Sanctuary, we are asking for your support. We are a small not for profit organisation dedicated to providing a loving home to neglected and unwanted animals, some of these are the horses that the racing industry deem as ‘wastage’. These horses are no longer profitable and the racing industry do not offer a retirement paddock, so what happens to the surplus?
If they’re found to not be fast enough, they’re discarded or replaced as soon as they’re no longer profitable. Australian Government figures state that 30,000-40,000 horses are slaughtered each year in Australia alone. Their meat is either shipped internationally as a ‘delicacy’ or they become pet food.

The horses at Freedom Hill Sanctuary will never race again, they live their life free to run with the wind, free of any expectations just being a horse is enough.

"…… and he whispered to the horse: Trust no man whose eyes you do not see yourself reflected as an equal.” - Don Vincenzo Giobbe

Please help us pledge to end the exploitation and suffering of race horses as well as to never attend or place a bet on a horse race. Let the racing industry know you won’t support them and join us to pledge your support. We would also appreciate any donations to help us continue to protect and care for these beautiful horses. Donate here: