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Free "Welt" Correspondent Deniz Yücel

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We ask to order the release of German "Welt" correspondent Deniz Yücel, who is right now being held in custody in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Yücel has shown cooperation by presenting himself at the police headquarters in Istanbul on Tuesday to answer investigators’ questions. Since then he is being held in custody and accused of being a member of a terrorist organization, misuse of data and terrorist propaganda. 

According to Art. 28 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, "the press is free, and shall not be censored. The establishment of a printing house shall not be subject to prior permission or the deposit of a financial guarantee." Further it says that "the state shall take the necessary measures to ensure freedom of the press and freedom of information."

We respect the integrity of the Republic of Turkey. Still we ask to release Mr. Yücel, who was born in Germany and who works as a correspondent for foreign German newspaper "Welt", from custody.

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