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Free the Workers of Tourah Cement -Egypt

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Demand Freedom for the Workers of Tourah Cement Factory, Egypt. 

On June 6th, in an incredible display of injustice, 32 Torah Cement workers were sentenced to three years of prison and hard labour in retaliation for exercising their right to protect their livelihoods.

  • We the undersigned members of the global labor and human rights community urge the Egyptian government to release these workers immediately!
  • We also call on Torah's parent company, HeidelbergCement in Germany, to live up to its promise to treat its employees responsibly as it is “good for (their) bottom line”.  

Dozens of Torah Cement security workers were arrested and detained in May in the Maadi neighborhood of Cairo by Egyptian police, turning against their own fellow citizens at the beck and call of a German subsidiary, as the workers were participating in a peaceful sit-in protesting the unfair termination of their jobs and demanding unpaid wages.

Workers described the arrests as being "like a military operation" involving local police and central security forces. The violent raid on the peaceful sit-in was followed by several reports of mistreatment and threats at the hands of Egyptian police.

Workers and trade unionists in Egypt who are exercising their right to protect their jobs and livelihoods have faced arrest, detention, dismissal from work or trials in military courts, merely for exercising their freedom of expression, association and assembly.

Egypt's brutal record against workers is in violation of numerous international conventions of which they are signatories. This includes the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and ILO Convention (No. 87)- Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise, among others.

HeidelbergCement as the parent company of Torah Cement Egypt, bears responsibility to ensure that its employees are treated with the justice and respect they deserve.

HeidelbergCement itself admits its employees are the “key foundation of their long-term success’  and claims to place workplace safety and protection of human health as an “extremely high priority”. How can that be the case if they encourage government-sponsored mistreatment of their own workers?

We demand the immediate Release the Torah Workers, sign our Petition and your name will be added to letters sent to Egyptian Government Officials and HeidelbergCement.

Thank you.

Global Workers Solidarity Network



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