Free the innocent PandaDoc employees! #SavePandaDoc #SaveBelarusIT

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Dear friends! Four innocent employees of PandaDoc have been detained in Minsk, Belarus, since September 2, 2020. They were charged under Article 209, Part 4.

We know that Yulia Shardiko, Dmitry Rabtsevich, Viktor Kuvshinov, Vladislav Mikholap are innocent and have become hostages of the situation. This could have happened in absolutely any company in Belarus. And that is why it is now very important to defend the PandaDoc employees.

Sign this petition to free the guys. This is important not only for them, but for the entire IT sector. And each of us who wants to live and be free.

Each signature matters, the more of us who are indifferent, the sooner the guys will be released and reunite with families and kids.

Thanks you!