Free school transport for all of Perton

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We want all Codsall High School pupils to have free school transport from Perton, South Staffordshire.

Approximately 100 families in Perton, South Staffordshire have received information that not all children in village will get a free coach pass to Codsall High School, their catchment school.

The law states that if you live under 3 miles away from your local school you will have to walk.  Staffordshire County Council have said;

“An assessment of the walking route between Perton and Codsall has already been carried out on a number of occasions over recent years and has been deemed as being available to walk. Unless there is any significant change to the walking route these are generally not re-assessed for a 10 year period.

The transport option selected for Pattingham and Perton provides best value for the County Council to fulfil their obligation to provide transport for those entitled to free travel whilst still providing capacity and an option for non-entitled pupils. Unfortunately the County Council does not have any statutory obligation to provide free transport to non-entitled pupils.”

All the residents of Perton agree that the route is available, but that it is not safe for school children to walk between the two villages regardless of where you live in Perton.

The children’s families are expected to either pay £625 for a coach pass or walk almost 3 miles to school in all weathers.  The route that the children will have to walk is crossing the A41, 50 mph busy road during rush hour traffic with no pedestrian crossing and then walk down Heath House Lane, a busy narrow lane, whereby lorries, tractors and speeding cars mount the curb on a daily basis. This is a very dangerous and polluted walking route to school.

The law states that if there’s no safe walking route, they must be given free transport, however far from school they live.

We want free transport for all the children who live in Perton based on there being no safe route.

Please sign our petition for our children to get to school safely.

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