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Petition Notice 13 (Over 11,000) Delivered to Prime Minister, Foreign Minister & 226 Politicians.

Phillip Adams
Brisbane, Australia

Nov 15, 2018 — 

Hi All,

To confirm we have passed 11,000 signatures and we are accelerating.

To confirm and on our collective behalf, I just delivered Petition Notice 13 to the Prime Minister Mr Scott Morrison, Foreign Minister Ms Marise Payne and all 226 elected Senators and Members that make up the Australian Government.

To confirm each and everyone has been delivered an email  with teh following information.

Below this line is the pasted script of Notice 13. We hold them Accountable for the Freedom & Safety of Mr Julian Assange. 

======Notice 13 Pasted Script is Below============

Petition Notice 13 - Free Julian Assange, before it's too late.

Status:            Over 11,000 signatures at 16th November, 2018

Petition To:    The Hon. Scott Morrison, MP
Prime Minister of Australia

Petition To:    The Hon. Marise Payne, Senator
Minister for Foreign Affairs

                       cc                     All Hon. Senators and MP’                                                 The Australian Parliament

 Dear Prime Minister & Foreign Minister

 In a Democracy it is the legal demands of the people that the government is guided by. Through the manifestation of this Free Julian Assange Petition the people are setting forth our demands of what we require the Australian Government to do with regard to the long outstanding matter of the “Arbitrary Detention” of the internationally respected Journalist and Australian Citizen Mr Julian Assange. This petition past 11,000 signatures this week and is accelerating in signature rate, because we the people will no longer accept the “Arbitrary Detention” and Torture of Mr Julian Assange. We demand his lawful freedom be restored immediately, by way of removal of the threat of extradition.

The Australian Government must understand that great effort is being expended by the people to validate, by way of statistical verification; that the people find the going arbitrary detention and torture of Mr Julian Assange completely unacceptable. The cruel and heartless abuse of an internationally acclaimed journalist that has not been charged with any crime must end by way of intervention by the Australian Government. The people can no longer stand by and allow the Australian Governments to complicitly permit by way of blatant inaction the fundamental abuse of the most basic human rights of Mr Julian Assange.

Over this past week in addition to this rapidly growing petition, 60 Minutes Australia conducted two polls, which specifically identified and verified across large statistical sample groups that 91% of respondents in the Twitter Poll and 70% of the respondents affirmed that “YES” we the People want the Prime Minister to intervene to bring Mr Julian Assange home to Australia. Both polls were resulted from statistically considered large sample groups with the combined totals exceeding 10,000 respondents. The combination of the two poll totals results in over 80% of respondents voting “Yes” to Bring Julian Assange Home.

The Free Julian Assange movement of the people in Australia is reaching a point where good people are now standing on mass. It is highly advisable that the Australian Government understand the gravity of the situation that is faced by an Australian Journalist who has not been charged with any crime yet persecuted for simply doing what the people expect of a journalist and that is publishing factual news. We collectively serve notice that we as signatories hold the Australian Government solely responsible for safety of Julian Assange and the return of his lawful freedom.

The Australian Government is advised by signatories to this petition that we hold the Australian Government fully responsible for the safety of Julian Assange. The Australian Government is advised by signatories to this petition that for it to fulfil its obligation to protect an Australian Citizen Mr Julian Assange it must guarantee that no extradition order is affected by any third party nation that would otherwise affect the freedom of passage of Julian Assange.  Multiple public statements by Julian Assange’s legal counsel have highlighted the undertaking that Mr Julian Assange is prepared to present himself to face and address the outstanding Breach of Bail Order in the UK, however this can only be made if the Australian Government ensures and explicitly and specifically guarantees that no extradition order is effected on Julian Assange after he leaves his position of asylum which is protecting him whilst he remains in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

The Australian Government can easily close this matter with effective foreign diplomatic negotiations with our closest allies, namely the UK & USA. These two nations are understood by all citizens of these respective nations as being of the closest allies, hence “when” the Australian Foreign Minister Ms Marise Payne presents the people’s demands to our closest allies, they will comply as allies. They will comply as Australia has compiled to their requests in difficult international issues over repeated occasions in recent history. It is a reflection of a mutually beneficial allied relationship that agreements work for the benefit of individual nation players when political pressure by its people demands it, as is the case in relation to the long outstanding matter of the threat of extradition to the USA for Mr Assange for simply performing his duties in exact accordance with how a Journalist should.

The Australian Government from this point forward is notified by all signatories of this Petition that we hold the Australian Government fully responsible for the safety of the Australian Citizen and Internationally respected Journalist Mr Julian Assange. If any extradition order or other action that would otherwise harm Mr Assange is imposed on Mr Assange the Australian Government will be understood to be 100% accountable. The Australian Government has had over 6.5 years to act on behalf of an Australian Citizen who is in desperate need of help and the Australian Government has done nothing that the people can identify in the way of meaningful assistance. This is totally unacceptable and we collectively serve notice on the Australian government that we hold it responsible for Julian Assange’s Safety and Freedom.

We demand action and we expect it to happen with haste, we do not want Julian Assange to be the next Jamal Khashoggi or Guantanamo Bay Prison uncharged perpetual prisoner.

Julian Assange is an Australian Citizen who has not been charged with any crime and yet has been "arbitrarily” detained for over 6 years and in addition is enduring over 231 days of torture in the form of continuous solitary confinement.  He has been deprived of sunlight, contact with the outside world and proper healthcare. The United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner on Feb. 5, 2016 determined that Julian Assange's “Arbitrary Detention should be brought to an end and that Mr. Assange should be afforded the right to compensation”.

Julian Assange’s freedom and safe passage must be immediately secured by the Australian Government. Please note, as this ongoing petition’s signatures continue to rise, its demands will be resubmitted to all members of the Australian Government until such time that the Australian Government fulfils its obligation to protect the interests of a lawful Australian Citizen and Journalist who is in immediate need of protection.

Yours Faithfully,

Phillip Adams

Australian Citizen & on Behalf of Julian Assange’s family and over 10,000 Petition Signatories  

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