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The British Legal System is on Trial. If they Extradite Assange=Democracy is Dead.

Phillip Adams
Brisbane, Australia

Oct 30, 2021 — 

Hi All, I hope you are all well. The following update information is provided by Dr John Jiggens where he and Rob Osbourne got together on Bay FM of Byron Bay NSW on the Assange extradition hearing and the Belmarsh Tribunal.  Ian Curr then uploaded it onto his Soundcloud platform so I could send it out to all of us/Assange supporters.  

Listen to Assange Extradition by 4PR - Voice of the People on #SoundCloud

Mia Armitage (Bay FM Journalist Byron Bay NSW Australia): The UK High Court is this week hearing a US appeal against the decision of a lower court to deny the US government requests for the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Julian Assange’s father, John Shipton has been in London this week for his son’s latest judicial hearing, and says he’s pleased England’s most powerful judge Lord Chief Justice of England and Ireland, Ian Duncan, has been on the bench along with Lord Justice Timothy Holroyd. Mr. Shipton spoke with community newsroom reporter Dr. John Jiggens.

John Shipton: Judge is the most powerful judge in the United Kingdom, the Chief Justice of England and Wales. And it was in his court that the hearing was held. So there’s an absolute seriousness within the English judiciary merging to settle this case,

John Jiggens:Normally, the US gets what it wants. Yet you seem very optimistic. What underlines your confidence?

John Shipton: It’s timely that the Supreme Court Justice is involved himself in this matter. I feel myself that they are embarrassed by their behavior. If you could imagine every single point, which is a scandal itself, however, every single point of the Americans prosecution in the original hearing in September was accepted, except for one item. And that is health of Julian going to the United States and, and more than likely committing suicide. Despite that, the Americans have a Department of Justice appeal. Despite since that time when the United States decided to appeal, then the revelations about the CIA involvement by 30 officials from the CIA, the revelations of the CIA involvement have appeared and Thor Deyson their prime witness from Iceland has recanted on his testimony and being arrested for more cases of fraud.

John Jiggens: How did the first day of extradition hearing appeal go?

John Shipton: The general outline is that the prosecution has the first day up until 4pm. And then the defence has half an hour. The prosecutor outlined his case, he canvassed the assurances of the United States that Julian wouldn’t be thrown into some dungeon somewhere forgotten. Of course, we all know that those assurances or barriers because, you know, we have in front of us nine cases, where assurances were given and then reneged upon. The second part is the prosecutors argument was around. Professor Koppelman is a professor of psychiatry and his evaluation of Julian that Julian might or was very likely to commit suicide, if sent to the United States,

Mia Armitage: That was Father of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, John Shipton, speaking with community newsroom reporter Dr. John Jiggen’s earlier in the week. ... for more see…an-assange/

Sound: Report from Bryon Bay community radio - Bay FM. - Reporters:John Jiggens, Rob Osbourne, Anchor - Mia Armitage.

Image: Free Assange Banner in Bunyapa Park - Photo: Ian Curr

Transcription: Ian Curr

More credits: Bay FM Community Newsroom, October 29, 2021

Headline Image adapted by Phillip Adams (Petitioner)

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