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Petition Notice 39 Delivery by email to all Parliamentarians in Aust. + USA + Britain + The Queen

Phillip Adams
Brisbane, Australia

Nov 24, 2019 — 

Hi All,

I sincerely hope you are well.

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We will have a huge week, with many things in the pipeline now. in this Global campaign. We are now the 4th largest petition to be tabled in te history of the Australian parliament and to be the largest we need to reach 1.3 mil. We are at 215,000 now. If we all sign 10 people we will smash it and reach super power status for petitions. Let us do it people. Let us make History and Free Julian Assange. 

Find attached the Free Julian Assange, before it's too late petition Notice 39. The script of which is contained below.

This mail and attachment has been sent to all 226 Australian Parliamentarians and will also be delivered to all British House of Commons Members, House of Lords, all USA Congressional Representatives , all USA Senators, The PM , The President of the USA, The PM of Britain, the PM of Australian and to the Monarch Queen Elizabeth II. 

Note I can only upload the script herein as the Change petition portal will not allow for full document uploads. For those that wish to view the document as delivered access via my Twitter  site @phillipadams64 I will pin it to the head of that site for you convenience.

Free Julian Assange Petition: Notice 39

Over 215,001 signatories as at Nov. 24, 2019

Petition To:    

The Hon. Marise Payne, Senator Minister for Foreign Affairs

The Hon. Scott Morrison, MP Prime Minister of Australia

All Hon. Senators and MP’s Government of Australia

With Special Notice To:

The President President of the USA

All elected USA Government Congressional Rep.’s & USA Senators

The Hon. Boris Johnson, MP  Prime Minister of Britain

Members British Government House of Commons & House of Lords

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Royal Monarch to the Commonwealth of  Nations     

Dear Parliamentarians                                                           

“Julian Assange has suffered enough. It's time to end this geopolitical madness. The man's an Australian. He's not an American. He wasn't in the US when he spoke out about war crimes. Put simply, he must be allowed to return to Australia.” Andrew Wilkie MP & Co Chair of the “Bring Assange Home” Australian parliamentary group.

This petition has been official tabled in Parliament as one of the largest conforming petitions to be tabled in the history of the Australian Parliament on Nov. 12, 2019. By Senator Peter Whish-Wilson.

Oct. 19, 2019 saw the formation of the “Bring Assange Home parliamentary group”. A cross party formation of 11 current Australian parliamentarian’s chartered to Bring Assange Home. Co-chaired by George Christensen LNP (Nationals) MP and Andrew Wilkie Independent MP and the other members of the group include former Deputy Prime Minister and LNP (Nationals) MP Barnaby Joyce, Zali Steggall Independent MP, Julian Hill Labor MP, Steve Georganas Labor MP, Rebekha Sharkle Centre Alliance MP, Rex Patrick Centre Alliance Senator, Richard Di Natale Greens (Leader) Senator, Adam Bandt Greens (Dep. Leader) MP and Peter Whish-Wilson Greens Senator. The group is scheduled to meet for the first time on Nov. 25, 2019 to develop a strategy to “Bring Assange Home”.

Julian Assange is an Australian citizen and journalist who is currently a political prisoner in London. He is facing extradition to the USA to face 175 years imprisonment and possible execution for publishing news material that was in the public interest. The information contained in his publications were not sourced by him, but rather were delivered to him by whistleblowers. Whistleblower sourced information is the usual occupational practice of an investigative journalist in a functioning democracy. This case highlights clear human rights abuses of Julian Assange, serious perversions of justice and a direct attack on the very fabric of democracy across western democracies. 

Julian Assange’s publications informed the citizens of the world of heinous crimes perpetrated by government agencies that sort to conceal their criminality. These crimes included war crimes, systemic corruption and the concealed slaughter of innocent civilians. It is apparent that as a result of the exemplary performance of his professional duties as a journalist he has been subjected to cruel and degrading treatment.  For almost 10 years he been arbitrarily detained including 23 hours a day of prolonged solitary confinement, a lack of fair and reasonable access to legal counsel, the theft of his legal notes and the handing over of those notes to the USA, apparent secret recording of his legal meetings with his lawyers and a process psychological torture of what amounts to cruel and degrading treatment as independently verified by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Cruel and Degrading Treatment. It is the considered opinions of the signatories to this petition that Julian Assange is being publicly tortured by corrupted interests in government. He has been singled out for especially cruel and degrading treatment as a perverted example of what can and will happen to a journalist if they dared expose heinous crimes perpetrated by corrupted government agencies.

Every aspect of this case reveals evidence of a corrupted legal and political process at play. This petition’s persistent delivery has infact informed every federal Australian parliamentarian of the facts on multiple occasions. Most sitting Australian parliamentarians have been informed 39 times including 8,588 individual emails from the Petitioner to parliamentarians as confirmed by delivery receipts.

The formulation of the Bring Assange Home Parliamentary Group establishes an inclusive cross-party group that allows for all parliamentarians to work from an inclusive and common platform to free Julian Assange, before it’s too late. This petition has infact validated the process via its sheer size. Let it be absolutely understood that given the facts delivered to each and every Australian Parliamentarian, there is no grounds not to support the upholding of the human rights of an Australian citizen that has not broken one law and we will not allow a precedent in this political case to establish a new law.

The breach of bail matter has been served and Julian Assange should be free to walk free now. Further the breach of bail was frankly groundless in the first place as he had been granted political asylum and therefore could not have possibly breached bail because he had been granted asylum. The perpetuation of psychological torture via a political process that we are now witnessing under a flagged joke of a USA 1917 Espionage Act which can not even be exercised against US journalists because it would contravene the First Amendment is an outrage. Yet we are supposed to standby and allow an Australian Citizen and most eminent international journalist and publisher of this time in history to be served up as a cruel example of what will happen to anyone else that dared expose heinous crimes perpetrated by corrupted government agencies.

The deliberate conspiracy and executed kidnapping of Julian Assange from the granted political asylum by the nation of Ecuador with no regard for international due process of law and into the very process he was granted asylum against was breathtaking and frightening. This further justifies why Julian Assange sought political asylum in the first place as he always stated it was to protect against extradition to the USA for publishing as a journalist.

Noting also that the investigation in Sweden was intended to be dropped by the Swede’s many years ago until the UK arbitrarily intervened and pressured them to continue. Finally, the Swedish investigative case has been closed along with its broken and disappearing condom with not one trace of human DNA on it. Rubbish that fails at the first legal post in a fair legal consideration of the facts, but not in this especially cruel case of dished out arbitrary punishment for apparent political reasons.

Julian Assange’s reputation in the press as pedaled by some political leaders has been rubbished beyond belief. Ridiculous claims he is not a journalist when we all read his publications which were in the public interest and he is arguably the most awarded journalist of this time in history. 

Further the 215,000+ signatories to this petition wish to declare and lodge a complaint regarding the serious undisclosed conflicts of interest of Chief Magistrate, Senior District Judge Emma Arbuthnot. Our complaint relates to her role in all proceedings involving Julian Assange. 

According to the official “” website (

"The Chief Magistrate is responsible for:

�   hearing many of the most sensitive or complex cases in the magistrates’ courts and in particular extradition and special jurisdiction cases.

�   supporting and guiding district judge (magistrates’ courts) colleagues.

�   liaising with the senior judiciary and Presiding Judges on matters relating to magistrates’ courts and district judges (magistrates’ courts)."

Just to be clear, Emma Arbuthnot is the Chief Magistrate, who directly ruled on the Julian Assange case until June 2019, then appointed other magistrates to take over (e.g., Taylor, Baraitser et al.). She denied recusal and never disclosed her conflict of interest in the matter. Until recently, her role was to "support and guide" magistrates under her. Apparently, she will no longer preside over further hearings due to her multiple conflicts of interest.

It is now patently obvious to the signatories that District Judge, Emma Arbuthnot, declined recusal even though she was aware that proper grounds existed.

Furthermore, her conduct has led to the perversion of the course of justice and the continuation of extensive torture on Julian Assange. Regarding the torture, this is amply described by Prof. Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment in his report and communications to the UK government.

Here are some links (the list is not exhaustive) showing Arbuthnot's undisclosed conflicts of interest and the necessity for recusal:

In the extradition case of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, where a judge failed to recuse himself in 1998, the verdict was later overturned in 1999 by the House of Lords on the basis that Pinochet had been denied the right to a fair trial under Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Multi-awarded journalist and multi-nominated Nobel peace prize nominee Julian Assange should be granted at least the same respect for his fundamental human rights as former Chilean dictator, torturer and executioner Augusto Pinochet.

For a more comprehensive understanding of this iniquity, I urge you to watch a recent recording which exposes, among other things, the gross malfunctioning of the British judicial system resulting in the

continuing torture inflicted on Julian Assange (EUROPEAN PARLIAMENTARY GROUP: Journalism is not a crime GUE/NGL event 

It is fair to say that Australia, UK/Europe and USA are the closest of allies and work together on matters of trade, militarily and our citizens share many common aspects including upholding democratic principles. Infact we also share many laws and in some cases rely on each other’s precedent laws to help guide judgements and prosecutions. A precedent of this type would expose all publishers on the web to possible US extradition as well as destroying or democracies.

As a precedent guide for how this type of case may be resolved; According to reports around the Asean meetings of March 2018 the then Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who was at the time Scott Morrison’s leader made contact with his counterpart Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia in a successful effort to free Australian Filmmaker James Ricketson. Recalling that James Ricketson had been wrongfully convicted under Espionage charges for his filmmaking activities carried out whilst in Cambodia (Note: Assange did not publish in the USA). This contact was crucial to secure James Ricketson’s release and clearly indicates that high level contact between heads of state and or Foreign Ministers are required and are effective when clear violation of human rights and travesty of justice are inflicted on Australian Citizen in foreign jurisdictions.

This successful precedent of practice is evident of a Liberal National Party Prime Minister’s (Malcolm Turnbull’s) direct intervention on behalf of an Australian journalist/publisher/producer/filmmaker (James Ricketson) who was arbitrarily persecuted and whose human rights were clearly violated in a politically motivated ‘witch hunt’. We as such request no special treatment for Julian Assange. Our requests are part of Liberal National Party practice in exceptional cases, hence forth we request the adherence of standard practice by a Australian Prime Minister with regard to direct contact with his/her counterparts in Britain and the USA to end this process of psychological torture of Julian Assange and uphold the most basic pillar of a functioning democracy and the rights of a free press.

In light of the concerning deterioration of Julian Assange’s state of health, politicians perceived as responsible should seriously consider how citizens would react if Julian Assange was to die in prison or be viewed shuffling in shackles in an orange fashioned Guantanamo torture jumpsuit. Responsible politicians would be best advised to deal with this matter via this legal and peaceful petitioned action and this petition provides that platform for praise and endorsement of them doing the right thing and winning political points from 92% of Australians as per (60 Minutes Australia) polling that want the Australian Government to intervene and Bring Assange Home.

We agree nobody is above the law. As Jeremy Hunt MP wished we will “stand together to make it an international taboo, of the highest order to murder, arrest or detain journalists just for doing their job”. (Jeremy Hunt April 6, 2019).

Yours Faithfully,

Phillip Adams

Petitioner and on behalf of over 215,001 signatories

Free Julian Assange, before it’s too late. Petition link click to sign:

UN Special Rapporteur on Torture: Mr Nils Melzer Calls for Julian Assange to be freed, citing “Psychological Torture”. Source; Democracy Now:  

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