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Over 143,000 Signatories: Notice 36 Delivered to Parliamentarians

Phillip Adams
Brisbane, Australia

May 30, 2019 — 

Hi All,

I hope you are all well.

We are over 143,000 signatories. Reshare and promote this petition. It is the only way we grow. We are HUGE now and we will always grow stronger for as long as this injustice continues.

About six hours ago we delivered Notice 36 to Parliamentarians.

As I can not upload the files on this Change platform, due to platform restrictions/limitations.

I have pasted the script below.

We are in parliamentary processes, we are expecting answers from commitment made by the Foreign Minister and the Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

We are providing a pathway to secure No USA Extradition for Julian Assange.

---The Pasted Script from Notice 36 is pasted below-----

Free Julian Assange Petition: Notice 36

Over 143,000 signatories as at May 31, 2019

Petition To:    The Hon. Scott Morrison, MP
                      Prime Minister of Australia

Petition To:    The Hon. Marise Payne, Senator
                     Minister for Foreign Affairs

Petition To:    All Hon. Senators and MP’s

Dear Parliamentarian,                                                            

On behalf of over 143,000 petition signatories, I congratulate the Scott Morrison led LNP on their victory in the recent election. Petition signatories believe the new Australian Government is interested in the plight of the internationally awarded journalist Julian Assange. This petition provides an impetus for the Australian Government to commence discussions with the USA to prevent the extradition of Julian Assange.

The politically motivated persecution of Julian Assange is considered by signatories to be an outrage. Further to this, the Ecuadorian consular staff illegally handed over to the USA all of Julian Assange’s personal and legal documents. Actions such as these have reduced the opportunity for this Australian citizen to receive fair legal process.

Further, the ongoing disregard for the determinations of the UN Office of the High Commissioner that Assange should be released, only underlines the urgency of this matter. An Australian citizen is being held because he acted in a manner similar to journalists throughout the world. Julian Assange reported systemic USA governmental corruption, war crimes, the slaughtering of innocent civilians and the killing of two Reuters journalists by US forces in Iraq. In our acknowledgement of these facts, we provide the Australian Government with 143,000 signatories to use in the securing of no USA Extradition from our closest ally the USA. It is understood that an extradition to the USA of Julian Assange for publishing factual evidence exposing government corruption would be a direct assault on international journalism and would ultimately serve to damage one of the most fundamental of democratic principles - freedom of the press.

To date, the Australian Government has had 8 years to respond to Julian Assange’s requests for protection against USA Extradition. It would appear the Australian Government has achieved little in this matter. Now and together with this petition this will change.

Julian Assange’s state of health maybe in a deteriorating state, signatories to this petition wish to remind the Australian Government that we hold it responsible for the safety and restoration of Julian Assange’s freedom. On multiple occasions since July 11, 2018 this petition has notified the Australian Government that we hold it responsible for the safety and freedom of Julian Assange. After eight years of virtual inaction, it is time to consider the obligated responsibilities of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) towards an Australian Citizen persecuted by governments for exposing their criminality. This point is now being echoed by the former Foreign Minister Mr Bob Carr as quoted in the Guardian on 24-5-2019.

Michael Mc Gowan from The Guardian quoted former Foreign Minister Mr Bob Carr as saying. “The former Australian foreign minister Bob Carr believes the prison sentence faced by Julian Assange if he were extradited to the US “changes the game”.  Carr said Australia’s foreign minister, Marise Payne, “needs to protect herself from the charge that she’s failed in her duty to protect the life of an Australian citizen”.

“Therefore I would imagine that DFAT [the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade] will provide her with talking points to conversations with her British, Swedish and indeed American counterparts.”

“Not to do so would leave the minister exposed to withering criticism that they did not take all appropriate action that might have made a difference, mainly before the British court makes a decision.” Source:

Julian Assange sought protection of political asylum from USA Extradition for publishing facts as a journalist. The USA, is now requesting extradition of Julian Assange to be imprisoned for a total of 175 years for being a journalist who published documentation that was in the public interest. Those documents revealed systemic USA government corruption, war crimes and the killing of civilians as well as Reuters journalists by US Military Forces in Iraq.

Scott Morrison said on ABC radio on May 29, 2019 in relation to his newly elected Australian Government that “we are a hungry, committed and a united political party”. These are words from a great team which is united with the Australian population. Recalling the 60 Minutes Australia polling results that confirmed 90% of respondents wanting the Australian Government to help free Julian Assange and bring him home. Together with this petition’s over 143,000 signatories the Australian Government has all the unity it needs to free Julian Assange and without question should understand it is the will of the people to have no USA Extradition.

There is no constructive democratic justification for Mr Assange to be extradited to the USA, the process itself appears to be politically motivated. As a journalist, he should be free to publish factual information which is in the public interest. To silence Julian Assange by extraditing him to the USA is not in the public interest. Thankyou.

Yours Faithfully,

Phillip Adams

Petitioner on behalf of over 143,000 Signatories

Free Julian Assange, before it’s too late. Petition link click to sign:

Video by Christine Assange: or Transcript;

For more updates and facts visit

Transcript: Australian Gov.; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee 21/02/2019

Government discussion relating to this Free Julian Assange petition (30,000 signatures at that time) pasted herein. Participants: Mr Larsen is DFAT Sen. Legal Advisor, Senator Peter Whish Wilson (Australian Greens), Andrew Todd, assistant secretary for the Consular and Crisis Management Division of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Senator Marise Payne is Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade (LNP).

Senator WHISH-WILSON: If I have time I'll come back to that. Is the Australian government aware of criminal charges against Mr Assange in the United States?

Mr Larsen : The Australian government is not aware of that, no.

Senator WHISH-WILSON: Did the Australian government follow up with the US authorities following the mistaken publication of a document that suggested Mr Assange was facing criminal charges? Did you seek information on that?

Mr Larsen : I don't know the answer to that question. Is there a particular date that you're—

Senator WHISH-WILSON: I'll get that for you. You're not aware of that report?

Mr Larsen : Personally I'm not aware, no.

Senator WHISH-WILSON: You are not aware of any reports that he is facing criminal charges in the US?

Mr Larsen : I have seen media references to the possibility of criminal charges, yes.

Senator WHISH-WILSON: They haven't been followed up by you?

Mr Larsen : I would need to check that.

Senator WHISH-WILSON: I'll get you those details. Is the Australian government aware of any extradition request from the US to the United Kingdom?

Mr Larsen : The Australian government is not aware of any extradition request from the United States to the United Kingdom in relation to Mr Assange.

Senator WHISH-WILSON: Have you sought any assurances that an extradition notice doesn't exist?

Mr Larsen : I don't know that we've sought assurances in precisely those terms. I will check that. We have of course informed ourselves concerning the United States judicial system and asked questions where there have been references. But I don't know the precise answer to those inquiries.

Senator WHISH-WILSON: Briefly, what sorts of processes does the Australian government undertake and what sorts of safeguards are in place when an Australian citizen is facing extradition and could face the death penalty?

Mr Todd : In the case of Mr Assange and the United Kingdom, the extradition processes would be undertaken in accordance with UK law. He has a full entitlement to use every legal avenue available to him in the UK to defend his interests and pursue those matters.

Senator WHISH-WILSON: There's a petition being circulated at the moment that's got over 30,000 signatures asking for the Prime Minister to intervene and bring Mr Assange back to Australia. Are you able to comment on whether there have been any briefings that you have provided? I'm not asking for the advice. Have you provided any briefings at all to the Prime Minister or to the minister about bringing Mr Assange back to Australia?

Mr Todd : Our view is that Mr Assange is free to return to Australia at any time that he chooses to leave the Ecuadorian embassy.

Senator WHISH-WILSON: Are you saying he should be free at any time he chooses to leave the Ecuadorian embassy?

Mr Todd : If he leaves the Ecuadorian embassy, as I've said previously before this committee, he would be subject to any outstanding judicial processes in the UK. We have assurances from senior government representatives in the UK that he'll be given all due legal process. I understand that that relates to an outstanding bail matter. As Mr Larsen said at the last hearing of this committee, he has a current Australian passport.

Senator WHISH-WILSON: Are you aware of the petition that's been circulating calling for his release?

Mr Todd : I have seen a copy of that petition.

Senator WHISH-WILSON: Going back to the issue Mr Larsen mentioned about seeking assurances that an extradition notice doesn't exist in the UK, because I think this is the critical problem, you said 'not quite in those terms'. Could you elaborate a bit on what kinds of conversations you have had with the UK government about any potential extradition of Mr Assange?

Mr Larsen : I know that we have had extensive conversations with the United Kingdom government concerning Mr Assange. I will need to check precisely what discussions we have had about the possibility of a United States extradition request. I don't have that answer with me.

Senator WHISH-WILSON: Is it possible for me to seek a private briefing with you, on your indulgence, Minister, on this matter?

Senator Payne: We'll facilitate a briefing, Senator Whish-Wilson.

Senator WHISH-WILSON: Thank you.



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