Free Feminine Products in Pennsylvania Public Schools

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Free feminine products should be available in all Pennsylvania public schools. This is an issue because girls don’t always have supplies with them, and it can be a hassle to see the school nurse every time that girls don’t have the products they need. Knowing that a girl doesn’t have feminine products available during the day can cause her to become distracted if she is worried about how she doesn’t have enough tampons or pads instead of academics. Additionally, it can be embarrassing if a girl bleeds through her clothes and doesn’t have the supplies to get through the day or has to walk to the nurse's office with blood on her clothes. Furthermore, girls without necessary supplies should not have to stay home from school in fear of not getting through the day without enough pads or tampons. Since schools provide other necessary products like tissues and toilet paper for all students, feminine products should be available as well. So how can you help? Please sign the petition below to support the cause and bring free tampons and pads to Pennsylvania public schools.