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Daniel Holtzclaw's Family and Friends

Apr 25, 2018 — We are excited to announce that the MANHATTAN FILM FESTIVAL is screening the film “RAILROADED: SURVIVING WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS” by Michelle Malkin and CRTV about DANIEL HOLTZCLAW and EXONEREES JEFFREY DESKOVIC, BRIAN FRANKLIN, and RAY SPENCER on Sunday, April 29th, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm, at Cinema Village, 22 E. 12th Street in New York City!

Please join us at the film screening to learn more about Daniel’s case and the harsh realities of surviving wrongful convictions.

Tickets for the film can be purchased for $12 online at the following site:

If you are unable to attend, you can watch the film on YouTube where CRTV has provided it for free:

After the film screening, Michelle Malkin will host a panel discussion featuring exoneree Jeffrey Deskovic, high-profile exoneration attorney Oscar Michelen, Daniel’s sister Jenny Holtzclaw, and Iowa biologist Erica Fuchs, who helped identify forensic science errors in Daniel’s case. Supporters from Daniel’s hometown of Enid, Oklahoma, will also be present at the screening.

In “Railroaded,” Jenny Holtzclaw continues a heartbreaking crusade to free her brother Daniel, the Oklahoma City police officer who sits now in prison, wrongfully convicted of sexual assaults after he was railroaded by his own police department due to a presumption of guilt, flawed forensic science, incompetent detective work, and officials who cared more about obtaining a conviction to placate the public than about discovering the truth.

Tragically, our society’s noble goals of ending racism, police misconduct, and sexual assault led to the conviction of an innocent man, Daniel.

Misled by the media, many people initially assumed Daniel’s case was an example of a police officer horribly misusing his power. But as the truth is brought to light, people are now realizing that police investigators and prosecutors, as in many cases of wrongful convictions, abused their power while working to convict Daniel.

Ignoring exculpatory evidence, biased police detectives targeted, pressured, and encouraged at-risk African American women with criminal histories into making wrongful and false allegations against a police officer described by detectives as a “bad guy.”

The prosecution then misled the jury by claiming, untruthfully, that skin cell DNA found on the fly of Daniel’s uniform pants had transferred in vaginal fluid when no evidence of vaginal fluid was found. The film exposes incorrect DNA analysis that was key to the state’s case against Daniel.

Daniel was acquitted of the allegations of 5 out of 13 women. But on the basis of the misrepresented DNA evidence, he was sentenced to 263 years for allegations made by the remaining 8 women, including one who said her assailant was a black police officer several inches shorter than her own height…a description that does not match Daniel’s physical appearance.

The film follows Jenny Holtzclaw at the 2017 Innocence Network Conference as she gains advice and encouragement from exonerees Ray Spencer and Jeffrey Deskovic, who had their convictions overturned after years in prison.

Ray, a former police officer who worked on his Ph.D. in psychology while in prison, and Jeffrey, who created the Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice and is now in law school so that he can exonerate the innocent, speak of their time in prison and their fight to get out.

We also meet Brian Franklin, a former police officer like Daniel. Brian was wrongfully convicted of raping a teenage girl and served two decades behind bars. Eventually, a witness came forward with claims that the accuser lied. After a lengthy fight for a retrial, Brian was finally exonerated and is back home with his family.

Thank you to Michelle Malkin, CRTV, and the MANHATTAN FILM FESTIVAL for raising awareness of the wrongful convictions of Ray Spencer, Brian Franklin, Jeffrey Deskovic…and Daniel, who is still awaiting freedom while his case is on direct appeal before the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals.

We hope the film will encourage all people, regardless of our differences, to unite in our efforts to prevent and overturn wrongful convictions.

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