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Daniel Holtzclaw's Family and Friends

Nov 22, 2016 — TWO GIANT BILLBOARDS for DANIEL HOLTZCLAW'S FIGHT FOR HIS INNOCENCE are now live in Oklahoma City today, where they encourage the public to consider this question, “What if he didn't do it?” as well as learn about the TRUE FACTS by watching “Daniel in the Den: The Truth about the Holtzclaw Case,” the Michelle Malkin Investigates two-part series on the CRTV Network this December!

Created by CRTV, the billboards overlook the city where almost a year ago jurors wrongfully arrived at their devastating verdict against Daniel, who was found guilty of 18 out of 36 charges despite these IMPORTANT FACTS that create reasonable doubt and support his innocence:

* Detectives sought out accusers by selectively contacting African American women with criminal histories whom Daniel had stopped during his police duties;
* At least five of the women knew each other, and many were using hallucinogenic drugs that would encourage false allegations;
* Accusers made faulty identifications of Daniel, with one accuser saying her assailant was a short, black man;
* Patrol car GPS failed to match crucial allegations;
* Not a single eyewitness saw the alleged sexual assaults;
* Non-intimate touch DNA secondary transfer explained the teenager's skin cell DNA found on the fly of Daniel's uniform pants along with unknown male skin cell DNA that the prosecution hid from jurors;
* The prosecutor blatantly lied to the jury by claiming that vaginal fluid was discovered on the fly of Daniel's uniform pants, when in fact no visible stains or deposits were observed and no tests for body fluids were performed.

IN OTHER NEWS, we are pleased to report that the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has granted Daniel and his appellate team a FINAL TIME EXTENSION until FEBRUARY 1st to allow further evidence testing and a review of the DNA evidence.

One important reason for this extension, which the news media have largely ignored, is that the SKIN CELL DNA found on two areas of the fly of the uniform pants was a MIXTURE of DNA from at least three people, and AT LEAST ONE OF THEM WAS AN UNKNOWN MALE given that the prosecution's forensic analyst excluded Daniel from being a contributor to these DNA samples containing a Y chromosome.

The presence of skin cell DNA from an UNKNOWN MALE shows that DNA transferred to the fly of Daniel's uniform pants without any need for vaginal fluid. Therefore, the skin cell DNA matching the female teenager's DNA profile on the fly of the uniform pants has a valid, non-sexual explanation, too.

FINALLY, we want to announce a NEW WEBSITE about DANIEL HOLTZCLAW:! Please visit the new website and PLEASE KEEP SHARING DANIEL'S STORY with friends and family, asking them to read and sign Daniel's freedom petition.

Thank you so much for fighting for Daniel's innocence! We will not let the injustice of Daniel Holtzclaw's conviction continue. WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP because we know THE TRUTH WILL SET DANIEL FREE!

Keep fighting for people power!

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