President Donald Trump: Please grant Clemency for Charles Scott serving a 51 yr sentence!

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On behalf of Charles Scott, we, his family, friends and supporters humbly request that you sign this petition. We are a loving family, waiting for Charles to come home - we are serving every day of his sentence.

Charles has already served 22 years on a 51 year sentence. Much of his sentence was due to the 924c stacking penalty now remedied and reformed by the passing of the First Step Act and if sentenced today Charles would only receive an 11.5 year sentence, he has served double the sentence he would receive today. Unfortunately, First Step Act did not apply its fix to 924(c) retroactively so Charles will continue to suffer the greater portion of his life in prison if he is not granted relief from this outdated and unconstitutionally vague law in the form of clemency or compassionate release. Though prison has helped him turn his life around, with the completion of a multitude of academic and self improvement certificates as well as being a live-in aid and mentor to those that result to self harm or self mutilation in response to trauma, it is now time release him into society to give him the second chance he has proved himself worthy of through not only hard work but consistency. 

We are asking that President Trump not take the one mistake made in his youth but instead to look at who he has consistently been and what he has continuously done for 22 years and judge him by that and grant him clemency.


Thank you for your support! ❤

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