Petition update

Portland, OR Senator Responds to Request for Revision of Disclosure Law

jonathan hankins
portland, OR

Sep 9, 2012 — A constituent in NE Portland, Oregon receives a letter from Senator Shields' Office in response to this petition. If you are interested in bringing this issue to your local representative's attention, please do so! If you are in the NE Portland district 22 and would like to meet with Senator Shields about this matter, contact 503-231-2564. Appointments fill up fast! We have also heard news of Senator Bates of Medford, Oregon taking interest in this issue. Although we might be behind the ball of getting a disclosure reform on the ballot for 2013 by September 17th (in Oregon), it couldn't hurt to contact your Senators and district representatives to start making some noise. The future health of our communities remains at risk as more and more repossessed homes come on the market and the banks weasel out of existing disclosure laws. Let's hold banks accountable to the same disclosure laws that we are held to. Requiring meth testing for repossessed homes should become required.


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