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Stop Children & Youth services Corruption!

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I'm doing this with a really  heavy heart and I honestly don't know what to do or who to even go to anymore. My family has suffered so much heart ache over the last 2 years and I don't know how much more we can take. Two years ago Snyder county children and youth took my two grand daughters and we still don't have them back. When this happened my daughter was getting ready to move closer me so I would be able to help her with the girls and baby sit for her. I took a package from my employer at that time and I retired early, I was the age of 43 and I was able and ready to help. Well before we got the chance to move on anything they took the girls. Claiming they were neglected I believe mainly wet diapers and I do believe she came up positive for marijuana. I was close to my daughter and we talked all the time and she loved them kids more than anything else. She was so patient with them. I never heard Jenna raise her voice one time with these children. Well when jenna find out the were taking them she asked me to come up and take them home with me which I had know problem doing. Why put these poor kids with people they don't know when they have a loving family that would step up. When we went to the hearing they didn't give me the time or day. They wouldnt even give me a reason why. Instead they put my 2 year old and 1 year old grand babies with total strangers that had 5 small children of there on. I couldnt believe it and I can't  believe how badly I was treated. My whole family was treated badly even my other 2 daughters. I didn't know then but I do know now if this happens to you hire your own attorney right away because what they are doing is taking advantage of people that can't afford attorneys. This to me is legal kidnapping and there is not a dam thing you can do about it! During these 2 years jenna has call me crying devastated. The case worker was mean and the supervisor was twice as bad. They never sent us kinship papers when they took them. They insisted they sent to 10 people but know one in my family received them. It was so sickning when I went to the court hearings. CYS would get up and lie. The attorney would make comments like always going to be drug addict. It was so sad they would make a total fool out of my daughter. All the attorneys would go up front with the judge off the record and laugh and talk for 15min to half hour and this would be including her attorney. There was times at the hearing they would go in chambers and be in there like an hour and you had no idea why. Overall I can't believe what has all happened. CYS had the foster mother spy on jenna. Even one time jenna had a nieghbor that her door was 2 feet from her and she wasn't allowed to talk to her and the foster mother caught her nieghbor knocking on door and they suspended her visits. At no fault to jenna. My god jenna wouldn't  be able to see them weeks at time. They even forgot who I was. If I wanted  to get them they would give me unreasonable short time because I lived 1 1/2 HR away  They would give me a very short time to see them I couldn't bring them to my house. The foster mother could show evil to my daughter and she supposed to be a Christian women. We couldn't even have them for the holidays.  My daughter was pregnant when they took the girls and what's really sad is she had a baby boy and they came to the hospital the same day and took the baby. She never got to bond with him. I did end up talking to a attorney of our own and said in no way did they have any right to take him. For me to hire this attorney she wanted $3000 up front and she told me I was lucky if it stopped at $20000. Whats really ironic about all this is the 2 girls have been to the emergency room 4 times in foster care. The one time was because the 3 year went outside and ate rotten food they threw in yard. The other few times was for stitches. The dr for the baby called children and youth because the foster parent refused to get his inmunations. Also that poor baby was so overweight  he couldn't move. He had a very big flat spot on back of head and weighed so much. I know he sat in chair with-bottle the whole time. He was 2 months old year old clothe  Now remember at this time the foster parents have 8 kids. 7 of them were under 5 and she home schooled all of them as well. Well needless to say now it's been 2 years now. My daughter has not failed one drug test and they test her several times a week for 2 years. She has a nice home and she has a full time jumping thru hoops to get her babies back. The poor girl does counsling, works second shift and goes to counseling and she still don't get them overnight plus pays child support! Every time she thought she had her stuff together they would give her another reason to keep the kids longer. They even made the excuse if she don't come up with a different car they would allow for her to pick them up. I actually gave my daughter my new car I still make payments on so they can't make that  a dam excuse! This has devastated us these past 2 years and we cryed a lot. I'm missing my grand babies growing up and it hurts and it's nothing we can do to   ever get these years back. Please look into this and you will see we are not the only family they are doing it to. It's all a money racket and they are tearing family's apart  and things like this could effect these children forever. In know way did they want to help my daughter to get her children back. There was no working together they thrived on seeing if she can mess up. It's all about the mighty Dollor! The foster parents have collected a lot of money for these children. Possibly $1000s per month. At times you can tell it's to much for the foster mon to handle. They been to emergency room several times and never were they once with my daughter watching them.  It's really strange they took the kids for there safety and well being. I'm really confused y the emergency room visits are ok to get stitches and food poisoning. Why would a 3 year old little girl be out in the lawn by herself and eat rotten food and not been seen. I'm to the point where I'm worried about them and I told Jenna's attorney this and he said really I will bring that up in court. He never did. If I had to do all over again and please take With from my mistake hire that attorney right away that's not from up there and don't care abought making judge mad. Jenna 1st attorney would not say anything in her behalf. At the end of hearing I'd asked what's wrong with him he just got mad at me! He did retire and jenna got a fresh one witch is a new young public defender and he does fight for her but the judge shuts him down. I even talked to the new attorney and I said I know ur knew but y got spirit, but can you please talk to me and tell me my daughter is getting a raw deal.  He told me honestly and said he has talk to other colleagues because he felt the same way. They did tell him jenna is getting a raw deal. I'm at the point where I've spent several money helping her get everything  together and she's even driving my new car.  In know way to I want to lose my babies. My jenna is a loving mom and the kids mean a lot to her and she willing to do what to do to raise them. She tells me mom you did it for us on your own and I no I got the will power too. Something needs to be done! The corruption needs to stop! They even told her the want to move to termination which is so unreal! To wrap this up it feels like we were raped! My grandchildren I feel were kidnapped and it legal. At this point we want them back and we pray and pray and pray. Once they are back home I do believe I will go find attorney and I will sue for what you done to my family. If for some reason we lose them and I feel I will lose my daughter too. It will devastate me and no amount of money will take the hurt away! But I will sue where it will hurt someones pocket! I hope this never  cross my family again. Please I beg of you to support and sign my petition. Please share as much you can! I want this to reach someone's desk where investigations will begin!! I hate to see this happening to others and I know it is. I've been reading up on up on the internet and some of the case workers are even talking. I have so much more to add and how we been treated and what has been done to us. My daughter is a good mother and she loves her children and will do what it takes. She even had to let go of the girls dad because he would miss a counsling or a drug test and they took out on her and took her visitations away so she dumped them. She came down to iit and said to that judge if I gotta make a choice I want my children! The poor girl finally got overnight visits and he didn't make in for a drug test and they pulled it away before it even got started. Then they made wait 3 months before she got her visits back and they still not over night. They try their hardest to make it a catch 22 for her. They want her to fail  so they make the bar so high for her to reach! What's the hardest part for me is I got to keep my mouth shut during the hearings and anyone knows me I will tell you want I think.  The hearing part is going to be hard for me. I have a hard time having a judge doing something like that 

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