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What is Frankston's greatest natural asset? Hundreds of thousands of visitors flocking here each year leave us in no doubt...Its the beach!

Frankston Beach Association Inc is an environmental group which has been working for over 30 years "to preserve the beach for all to use". 

Frankston City Council has recently released their chosen plans for two intrusive breakwater constructions, jutting out into the Bay off Olivers Hill, to provide berths for a limited number of vessels with a double-lane roadway to allow vehicle access.

Look at the photos above. What you see above is 'before' and 'after'.  'Before' on the left is our wonderful beach as it is today.  'After' on the right shows you what is being proposed.

Look at the existing jetty and boat ramp in the left photo, and then try to find it in the top right photo. Look hard ... it's there.  It just looks tiny in comparison with the proposed massive 'pincer' breakwaters.

The estimated cost of this project, which includes a 2 storey building on the foreshore for the Coast Guard, stands at $24 million. We believe the project is being undertaken without adequate studies over sufficient time to ascertain the full impact of littoral drift and other changes to Frankston, Daveys Bay and Seaford beaches. Expert coastal scientific and engineering opinion is that physical and computer modelling is needed based on data collected over MANY SEASONS.

THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE MUST BE ADOPTED. Council must undertake every necessary professional study to ensure the ongoing viability and protection of the marine environment, ecosystems, coastal processes, cultural and heritage values, aesthetics, vistas, recreation, tourism and water based activities

Other bay beaches have been damaged by construction of breakwaters including Sandringham, Brighton, Hampton and Middle Park.  We must learn from the mistakes made by other Councils.

Frankston ratepayers will not be willing to bear ongoing costs for maintenance, dredging and sand replenishment and beach rejuvenation and will hold Frankston Council accountable if the beaches are damaged.

Frankston has a potential safe boat refuge in the Kananook Creek. Let’s go for this,!!!  This is a WIN WIN solution. This, together with choosing one of the other options for the Coast Guard building, can save ratepayers and taxpayers many millions of dollars

WE SAY NO TO THE BREAKWATER . The current Draft Concept Plan has been labelled ‘insane’ with beautiful Oliver’s Hill vistas being spoilt. Further coastal scientific and engineering processes and physical modelling data must show unequivocally that Frankston beach environments will be unspoilt.

Have a look once more at the photographs.  Do we want to go from this on the left - a truly magnificent wonder of nature that stands proudly amongst the very best beaches in the world - to that eyesore and environmental disaster on the right?

We think the answer is very easy and very obvious, and the answer is ....

No !