Make Faith Goldy Leader of the PPC–Replace Bernier

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Maxime Bernier has done a horrible job leading the People's Party of Canada, a party with vast potential. As a zoomer and as a founding member of the PPC, I demand Faith Goldy be instated as leader, replacing the AirPod wearing Maxime "Cuck" Bernier. The benefits are numerous. With Faith Goldy as leader, video subtitles would no longer be necessary, saving time and editing costs. No longer would the IQ of the leader be an issue. The PPC is nearing collapse. The only hope is Faith Goldy, a woke, honorary zoomer. Only she can dab on the boomers, the Red Tories, and the Big Gay. 

P.S.  Build a Wall 




#PPC2019 #ppcPurge2019 #Faith4PPC #LetFaithDebate #MakePPCNotGayAgain