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Keep Matt Demers & Kim Levere at the University of Guelph

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We the students of Guelph University are in jeopardy of losing two of our most valued and respected professors.

    Every single one of us who has ever taken a class with Dr. Kim Herder or Dr. Matthew Demers knows that the love and support they give to their students is unparalleled. As individuals who have spent the entirety of their undergraduate, graduate, and PhD studies here at UoG, they embody the spirit, the values, and the heart of what being a Gryphon is all about. They both go far above and beyond the expectations set by post secondary institutions. They have received nothing but the highest praise and admiration from their students along with the esteemed "Innovation in Teaching" awards and “Excellence in Teaching” award nominations from the UGFA. Dr. Demers has also won prof of the year for the past 4 years straight as nominated by the engineering student body for his great work with the Engineering Society.

    If we do not act to ensure that these professors receive the stability and job security they have earned, we will lose these two outstanding professors to institutions which offer more stable and reliable positions.

    We as students may not seem individually powerful, but as we've already seen this year, when we come together and put the effort forth to make this school a better place, we can make an unquestionable impact.

I urge you, the students of Guelph, that if you believe that UoG wouldn't be the same without Matt and Kim and you want to once again stand up for making our school the best school it can be, please sign this petition to get these professors into tenure-track positions.

I urge you, the University of Guelph, to give these two amazing people the recognition they deserve.

I urge you to show that you care.

Written by: Jonathan MacPherson on behalf of the signees and a better future.

B.Eng Engineering Systems & Computing (Guelph, 2016)

Recipient of the "Be the Change" & "Gordon Nixon Leadership" student life awards, 2017

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