Bring back Principal Chang @MIMS

Bring back Principal Chang @MIMS

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Started by MIMS PTO

Dear Dr. Lathan, Dr. McSwain and Ms. O’Dell-Thomas,

As concerned parents of Mandarin Immersion Magnet School students, we are writing to express our unequivocal support for Principal Chaolin Chang and to demand his immediate and permanent reinstatement as MIMS’ principal for the 2019-2020 school year and beyond.

Mr. Chang’s hard work, leadership and devotion to the MIMS’ student body is unparalleled. To borrow from one of our PTO members, he is “the heartbeat of MIMS”. His positive attitude and caring approach to all students, regardless of background, has left a lasting impression on each student that walks through the front door every day. His tireless support of our teachers enables them to fulfill their commitment to the HISD vision that “Every child shall have equitable opportunities and equal access to an effective and personalized education in a nurturing and safe environment.”  Mr. Chang and our teachers strive daily to ensure ALL students receive the challenging instruction required to develop into the “critical thinkers and problem solvers” that Houston needs it citizens to be.  

Mr. Chang’s success as a principal is evidenced not just in the visible inspiration of our students, but through the school’s performance in the Texas Education Agency 2018 Accountability Ratings. MIMS received a scaled score of 95 in Student Achievement (vs. a 74 for HISD overall) and a scaled score of 100 in Closing the Gaps (vs. an 82 for HISD overall), a specific metric designed measure progress toward the elimination of “differentials between racial/ethnic groups” and “socioeconomic backgrounds”.  Mr. Chang’s and our teacher’s commitment to excellence  has driven MIMS to outperform HISD as a whole on critical metrics most notably one that is meant to improve equity amongst students of disparate backgrounds. Given HISD’s stated Constraint Progress Measure that “The superintendent shall not allow achievement gaps for student groups, including African-American, Hispanic, economically disadvantaged students…”, losing a gifted leader like Mr. Chang represents an obvious and abject failure of educational policy that harms each and every one of our students, most especially those that metrics like Closing the Gaps are seeking assist.  

Metrics and jargon aside, Chaolin Chang is a gifted educator and leader. To see that, one need look no further than the raised hands, curious questions and wide smiles of MIMS students. If MIMS loses Mr. Chang, we will lose a leader who exemplifies our school’s values of respect, perseverance, integrity, curiosity courage and responsibility. If we lose Mr. Chang, we will lose a leader who inspires our students and teachers every day. Dr. Lathan, Dr. McSwain and Ms. O’Dell-Thomas, we urge you to retain Mr. Chang.


MIMS Parents

3,269 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!