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Vote of no confidence in Frank Field MP for Birkenhead

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I am calling for a vote of no confidence in Frank Field Labour MP for Brkenhead. It has become apparent that our local Labour representative is becoming increasingly distanced from the wants and needs of her constituents and does not represent the core values of the Labour Party. I do not feel Frank Field represents the views and opinions of the majority of the people in Birkenhead.  Despite many residents contacting him prior to the vote on Syria to enquire how he was intending to vote, no reply was received until the following morning.  Decisions like this should NOT be based the personal opinion of the MP but should reflect the views and opinions of the people they are paid to represent.

Not only did he vote to bomb Syria against the wishes of the majority of Wirral residents he has previously chosen to abstain from voting on the Welfare Bill and the Fiscal Charter, issues that have a devastating impact on the lives on many Birkenhead residents including many vulnerable people.  

I do not feel that this is good enough for an MP who's job it is to represent their constituents.  In order for us to have confidence in our elected representative, they must both represent us and be prepared to stand united with the elected leader. As Mr Field is prepared to do neither, we have no choice but to call for a vote of no confidence.

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