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Save the Kurdish Institute of Paris!

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"Failing to obtain support from the French State, The Kurdish Institute of Paris, the oldest Kurdish cultural institution in Europe, historically established in Paris, will be forced to close down in the following few weeks.

Failing to prevent this disappearance would inevitably indicate our lack of commitment to this endeavour, an undertaking we initially supported thirty years ago. The closure of The Kurdish Institute is all the more revolting at this precise moment, relentlessly fighting in the face of ISIS, the Kurdish people are in the forefront of the struggle against Islamic extremism. Lamentably, the Kurdish people are alone on the ground against ISIS, despite the fact that they share our values, our culture of peace, the equality of men and women and finally, democracy.

We call upon the President of the French Republic, François Hollande, and ask him in full urgency, to re-establish the public funding of the Kurdish Institute to guarantee its survival."

Bernard Kouchner, former Foreign Minister and founder of “Médecins sans Frontières” (Doctors without Borders)


Although it's important for the government to assist, you can also help The Kurdish Institute of Paris and make a donation today.


SAVE THE KURDISH INSTITUTE OF PARIS (Liberation article, April 7th 2015)

Europe’s oldest Kurdish cultural institution, created in February 1983 with the support of the French President and government is likely to disappear due to a lack of budget.

In the course of its 32 years of activity, the Kurdish Institute has become a point of reference in Europe. In regards to human rights the Kurdish Institute has played a decisive role in informing the Western world about the situation of the Kurds, a people who are simultaneously deprived of a state and of any recognized and legitimate political representation. The Kurdish Institute has also carried out considerable work for the secular and republican integration of the Kurds in France.

Because of its contribution to the republican integration of the Kurdish population here and to France’s cultural influence in the Kurdish world, Pierre Bérégovoy’s government granted the Institute the status of Foundation of Recognized Public Usefulness. Eventually, the Jospin government, after a thorough audit of its finances and activities, decided on an annual public financing of nearly 600,000 euros. However, since 2002 this amount was gradually reduced and finally completely abolished during Nicolas Sarkozy’s Presidency.

Subsequently, The Kurdish Institute then had to survive solely on the exceptional efforts made by the Kurdistan Regional government. Since 2014, however, this government, deprived of its financial endowment by Baghdad, submerged by the flood of 1.5 million refugees and displaced persons as well as being confronted by attacks from ISIS is no longer able to come to the rescue of The Kurdish Institute. The call for help has already been issued to the French government and has so far regrettably amounted to nothing.

To ensure its survival, The Kurdish Institute has asked for an annual grant of 650,000 euros (less than 4% of the French subsidies to the Institut du Monde Arabe). Failing to reach a rapid decision by the French government, the Kurdish Institute is in danger of having to stop all its activities — just at the time when the whole world is paying tribute to the courage of the Kurds in Syria and Iraq. This would be an incomprehensible paradox — both shocking and absurd.

It is necessary today, more then ever before, for the French government to ensure the continued existence of The Kurdish Institute.

First signatories: (List published in Liberation article, April 7th 2015) 

Jean-Marc AYRAULT former Prime Minister, Anne HIDALGO Mayor of Paris, Bernard KOUCHNER former foreign Minister, Bruno LE ROUX Leader of the Socialist group at the National Assembly and Hubert VÉDRINE former foreign Minister

Pouria Amirshahi, Member of Parliament, Michèle André, Senator, President of the Senate Finance Commission, Christian Bataille, Member of Parliament, Esther Benbassa, Senator, Michel Billout, Senator Patrick Bloche, Member of Parliament, President of the National Assembly’s Commission for Culture and Education, Sergio Coronado, Member of Parliament, Bertrand Delanoë, Honorary Mayor of Paris, Cécile Duflot, former Minister, Member of Parliament, Joëlle Gariaud-Maylam, Senator, Jean-Marc Germain, Member of Parliament, International Secretary of the Socialist Party, Jean Glavany, Member of Parliament, Jean-Pierre Godefroy, Senator, Jean-Christophe Lagarde, Mayor and M.P for Drancy, Jean Lassalle, Member of Parliament, François Loncle, former Minister, Member of Parliament, Paul Molac, Member of Parliament, Aymeri de Montesquiou, Senator, Jean-Vincent Placé, Senator, president of the Green Group in the senate, Jean-Luc Reitzer, Member of Parliament, Pierre Serne, Vice President of the Ile-de-France Regional Council, Frédéric Tissot, former Consul of France in Erbil.

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