Fire Joe Buck at Fox Sports

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Everybody who watches MLB or NFL games on Fox, especially the MLB All-Star Game and the World Series, and the Super Bowl when it's broadcast on Fox are all wondering how in all that is holy on this green Earth Joe buck landed the job as the lead commentator for Fox Sports and he has ruined our dreams and invaded our nightmares.

All of us are sick and tired of his BIASED, LAME, RETARDED, and COCK-FILLED announcing. Many of us have put down his announcing and stopped watching games on Fox because we don't want to hear his voice or see his face and a lot of us want him fired, like his father, Jack, was at CBS in the early 1990s.

Buck has gotten the wrath of a lot of fans, and even Troy Aikman, John Smoltz, Harold Reynolds, and Tom Verducci. Even Erin Andrews has gotten a lot of wrath.

During sports games on Fox, people are using the hashtags #IHateJoeBuck #JoeBuckSucks and #FireJoeBuck to share their wrath of Buck.

All this wrath of Buck started because of the 1994 MLB strike, which canceled the World Series that year. The Baseball Network, which was a joint venture between ABC, NBC, and MLB, was dissolved because of the strike after the 1995 season and it led to Fox becoming the broadcaster for MLB in 1996 and it was then when Buck started announcing MLB games.

That's why we want Buck fired from Fox Sports.