Remove principal Sharon Marino of alexander K McClure for neglect of kids with specialneed

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The problem that I want to solved is all the neglect to our children with special needs.Myself as well as others are tired of our kids being bullied and sorted out for being different.There was an incident at my sons school Alexander K, McClure Elementary involving my son and the gym teacher.Which ultimately lead to son being arrested.It all started with another student bumping and provoking him in line while awaiting instructions from the teacher.My son went to alert the teacher about what was going on but the teacher neglected his call for help.The STS worker assigned to help Berwin was not contacted when the situation started.That would have prevented what happened between my son and the teacher.The teacher further provoked Berwin by yelling at him while shoving him into the wall,calling him crazy and pushing out of the gym room.It could have been handled better by the teacher by simply hearing Berwin's cry for help.I would like to have a principle that take all matters seriously and who listens to their students as well as the teacher.We need all parents to come join us in trying to get a better principle which will mean a better school for our children.Please let's be heard and make a change.