Remove Laura Ingraham from TV

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The anchor/host of FOX News Laura Ingraham has a history of racial, disrespectful comments towards minorities and has yet to receive any disciplinary actions. Her comments following the late great Hip-Hop artist Nipsey Hussle passing and African Americans. Were disrespectful and falsely reported. With this being a legend that did so much for the community, in which has been recognized by the City of Los Angels and many others. Laura Ingraham should be ashamed or her self for allowing her opinions, corrupt her position. Also, If the shoe were on the other foot and this were a African or Hispanic person reporting about a white person who died. Their jobs would be taken from them with a slew of harsh comments following it! This is unacceptable and she needs to be disciplined like any other professional would for her actions like.. (ie; CEO of Papa John's, H&M CEO, Louis Vuitton etc..)

Removal from FOX News
Removal from All News Networks

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I'm a United Stated citizen that doesn't appreciate unfairness, disrespectful comments and racist. I love all people and only wish to best for all. I'm an advocate for peace and love across the world. United we STAND divided we fall.