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Ban school uniforms/ stop forcing school uniforms on the minority

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Imagine having to wake up every morning, hopping out of bed, and throwing on the same pair of pants, shirt, and shoes that you’ve worn the day before just to go to school. Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s becoming more common in our society, today more public school have made the decision to turn school uniforms into a school policy. Wearing the same outfit every morning is like having to eat the same meal for dinner every night. School uniforms can have a negative effect on students and should be banned.

Wearing school uniforms can have a negative effect on students because it prevents diversity and self-expression, are not cost efficient, and lastly violates the First Amendment of the US Constitution. While there are benefits to having uniforms policies in place, there are also many strong arguments that benefits not having a uniform policy. Schools are supposed to provide an environment that promotes individual growth for students both academically and creatively. Part of that environment should be diverse and welcoming to individuals, school uniforms do not promote this kind of atmosphere. An ideal learning situation would be one with the least amount of stresses, and the cost of uniforms could effect, given how expensive they can be. Financial burdens, even if on the parents, can also affect students. As well as, waste valuable time and research constructing these policies that require uniforms. School is often a major component of shaping young individuals into the adults they will later become, which often requires a great deal of development. Some of this development is hindered by the violation of the First Amendment of the US Constitution enforced by school uniforms. There are better ways to promote structured and safe school environments that do not impede upon the individual rights of students. School uniforms takes away the one liberty that students have on school grounds and does not contribute to the development of students. School uniforms should be banned and actions should be taken to revoke this school policy.


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