Release Scream Queens Season 2 on DVD

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Scream Queens was a hilarious and under-watched FOX Television series starring Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis. It aired two short seasons between September 2015 and December 2016. While season 1 has been made available on DVD, it remains to be seen whether or not season 2 will ever be released in physical media. Regardless of its cult status, and generally favorable reviews, it was never a show that attained high ratings--a fact that casts doubt over its chances of having all episodes released on DVD. 

I believe there are fans out there who would like Season 2 to be released, even if it is a bare-bones release. So, I implore FOX Home Entertainment to at least make season 2 available as a manufacture-on-demand title. It is a win-win solution for both FOX and the dedicated fans who will show up to purchase this.

Please heed our request and release season 2 on DVD.