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Deadly Torture On Our Plate Must Be Reported Nationally

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Mercy For Animals performed heartbreaking and detailed undercover investigations in farms (poultry/livestock suppliers of restaurants and stores). Deadly abuse and torture of pigs, ducks, chickens, turkeys, cows, geese, etc. were witnessed. Baby chicks were ground alive, animals were boiled alive, etc. The investigations revealed the cruelty done in order to process food. 

It's progress to see local news media reporting farm cruelty, but it needs to be publicized nationally on national news to increase awareness in more people. CNN, CBS, Fox, etc.  In fact, it should be a special report like one of those half-hour long reports.  Greater publicity of the undercover investigations performed in factory farms would mean greater awareness.  More people need to think about what's going on to make food.  This would give greater protection for the animals on this planet, especially animals exploited for food.

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