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We want House M.D.! Don't cancel it!

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You know, why House M.D. ends?

It’s not because of the cast or the producers.

Hugh Laurie even said he wants a lower payment
because he wants House to survive.
NBCU, producer David Shore and Katie Jacobs want to continue it, too!
Another season wouldn't look artificially maintained because they always
wanted to continue it! House was never about to end!

Only FOX don't want to continue it because it seems
like House could be less successful(?!),
so they don’t want to buy more House episodes!
That’s the reason why it has to end! It’s not because of the cast!

We still have the power to let House M.D. continue!

The end isn't done or filmed yet (this will happen in April). It's our chance!

Supernatural survived because of its fans
(it was about to end, but they continued it because of the fans!)
we can do this, too!

It's up to you! Let's bring the TV ratings into the highest positions!
Let's spread this, let's write messages to FOX! Tweet it!
We can rescue House M.D., if we stick together!
Show FOX how much you love House!

Give House his Vicodin back! If you won’t,
House will never come back!


"Hugh Laurie ... was reportedly ready to accept a pay cut to come back despite saying earlier he was ready to move away from television. Ratings have dropped, however remain really good for a show in its eighth season, said Fox."
"the network ... wanted to see a cut in the license fee before considering renewal. Fox also was only willing to commit to a final 13-episode season instead of the 22 shows that Universal TV wanted."
Insiders say House MD could have had one more year - National House M.D. |

"Let me state, publicly and unequivocally, that I love my job, and work much harder at it than most journalists work at theirs."
Laurie: 'I'm not sick of House' | TV | Entertainment | Toronto Sun

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