Renew Lethal Weapon Season 3, Don’t Replace Clayne Crawford & Change Timeslot

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Lethal Weapon is a great Action Comedy buddy cop show about two LAPD Detectives who work together to stop criminals based on the original movie series. Unlike most reboots, Lethal Weapon has managed to recreate one of the greatest movie franchises of all time, with interesting characters, awesome action scenes and a great scene of humor. There are not many shows on TV that can manage this, yet alone a reboot and the two main actors of Lethal Weapon perfectly play their characters well (as well as the other actors). However recently the actions of actor Clayne Crawford (who plays Martin Riggs) behind the scenes on Lethal Weapon combined with lower ratings, has put the show at risk of being cancelled.

Back in season 1 Lethal Weapon was one of Fox’s best ratings shows at it’s Wednesday 8/7c timeslot rating between 6 and 8 million US viewers live. For season 2, Lethal Weapon was moved to Tuesday’s 8/7c where the show’s ratings dropped. Despite being up against major shows like NCIS (which pulls up to 14 million), Lethal Weapon still held it’s own with ratings of 4 to 5 US million live, so ratings were not a major issue, until the Roseanne reboot came alone and pulled off up to 13 million Live viewers in the same timeslot. Since then ratings have dropped to as low as 3 million and now Lethal Weapon’s ratings are a major problem as it is struggling being up against two major shows.

Another issue are the Clayne crawford incidents which puts the show at jeopardy. While Clayne’s actions were inexcusable, the actor has publicly apologised about both incidents and acknowledged that it was his fault and this should not put the show itself at risk. FOX is also considering replacing Clayne Crawford if there a season 3, which would be a shame because Lethal Weapon wouldn’t be the same without Clayne Crawford, as no one can play Martin Riggs like Clayne and Lethal Weapon just wouldn’t be the same without him.


So please support this petition today by signing so we can get this amazing show renewed for a third season and make sure Clayne Crawford gets a second chance and FOX please don’t cancel this show but perhaps move this show to a different timeslot so it’s not up against major shows like NCIS, Roseanne among others.