Renew Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Please, don't cancel Brookly Nine-Nine. This show is not only brilliant, it's also one of the few shows on TV with real representation. Captain Holt and Rosa Diaz a latin bisexual police woman, are the rare exemple of intersectional representation that people have been asking for. 

But this show is not only about representation, it's also about having laughing, having fun and yeah, sometimes it's also tense and sad, and that is what makes it a show with an outstanding quality that has won two Golden Globe Awards, one for best TV show and another one for Best Actor (Andy Samberg) and two Critics' Choice Television Award Best Supporting Actor (Andre Braugher). 

The fans want to keep enjoying this show. We want to watch Jake, Amy, Rosa, Terry, Gina, Charlie and Cap. Holt in our screen with new crazy adventures