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Animated Percy Jackson Series

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Okay, so we all kind of hate the Percy Jackson movies. It's just sort of a fact of life here in the Percy Jackson fandom, but I think that one thing we all agree on is that the stories Rick Riordan writes are incredibly important to us and more than deserving of an accurate screen adaptation.

I, like many others, propose that the best way to deliver said accurate adaptation is to reboot the series entirely and reintroduce it through an animated television format. This would be ideal for all of the reasons listed here on this tumblr post that has almost 10,000 notes.

There's a reason that books set in this universe continue to dominate bestseller lists all around the world every single year. It's because Rick has created a whole Marvel or DC-esque world of shared mythological continuity that:

  • Represents people who often go unrepresented
  • Teaches mythology in a clever and hilariously modern way
  • provides strong and relatable young characters who grow and struggle and change
  • And most importantly proves that anyone can be a hero.

With an animated adaptation that remains true to the source material and spirit of not only the Percy Jackson novels, but the whole Rick Riordan canon, we could easily have ourselves a new cultural icon along the same lines of Avatar the Last Airbender or Steven Universe, with the added bonus of 10+ years of source material. 

Please consider signing to bring this to the attention of 20th Century Fox who currently own the adaptation rights for the Percy Jackson novels. 

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