Give Meg Griffin of Family Guy her own spin off series

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I have been a fan of Family Guy for a long time & my favorite character has always been Meg Griffin. The problem is all the Meg hating & abuse that Seth MacFarlane & the writers always does for the show has gone on for too long, its really become old & annoying now and its really not funny anymore to me and some other Meg fans out there like me and we would really like for that to change. That's probably why ratings for the show are dropping a bit cause they do not like seeing poor Meg being so hated anymore and really its because of the writers who do not even know how to write for teen girls. So I nicely ask that you please make a new Meg spin off show that's about Meg & her friends Patty Ruth & Esther going off to college to finally make something of themselves outside of Quahog. Also there should be new writers who know how to write teen girl stories and make Meg more confident in herself & not be a punching bag anymore. Me and other Meg fans would certainly love it for sure cause it could be like a Daria thing.